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2s some questions.

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#1 Kaliope

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Posted 24 February 2016 - 01:35 PM

Im playing usually as mage/priest and have many problems against some comps probably cause i suck as mage but maybe my startegy is wrong.

vs dk/healer

Dk just trains me with unhealable damage, his healer usually hiding close to a pillar so i can get deep/poly only (pretty hard also because dk usually grips me after blazing speed i guess i should poly dk and deep healer in same time?). Problem is he doesnt die in even 3 polymorphs.

vs enh/healer

Cant sheep healer at all if its enh/druid killing eng is impossible should i go druid?

vs warrior/healer
Warrior does a lot of damage and is pretty hard to kite(or i suck) He has charge every 15 sec and stormbolt on 30sec so he has a lot of uptime on me. Pretty hard to poly healer i guess again i should poly warrior first deep healer,sheep him and go ?But its usually not enough to kill anyway.

What should be my burst on non deep freezed target?5 icicles stacked, cometstorm.fof icelance,ice nova?
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#2 Frosteye

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Posted 29 February 2016 - 08:13 PM

DK/Healer is rough, but make sure you kite the opposite direction from the DK's healer so he has to overextend to get to you -- then CC his healer when he's in the open. If the DK is smart he will grip or stun you when you go to deep > poly ... Be sure you LOS the DK when you try this if you can.

Enh/Healer same thing -- be sure to juke wind shear ... vs druid team take Ring of Frost , and Deep > RoF him in form as a last resort.

War/Healer should be an easy win for priest/mage... Be sure to coordinate your CC with your priest and you can keep the enemy healer in 20 seconds of CC np.

Yeah maximum burst would be Icicles / FoF charges stacked, throw frozen orb, pop ice nova to finish them off. Never use ice nova outside of a CC/Burst window.

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