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RMD vs Godcomp

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#1 Locktook

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Posted 17 February 2016 - 12:31 PM


I've started RMD as druid and we got to 1700 rating the first night we played together. There we have met wall, becausethe players we face are becoming better and we seriously have problems beating godcomp here. We droped 150 rating due to very exausting lose streak and figured we needed a break.

Our strat is that the mage deep -> sheep mage and I clone/bash healer while bursting the shadow priest. After our first cc chain we fall behind and we get controlle. It starts that I get HoJ, usually into polly even though I tell them to kick bu 50% of the time it lands, then I get feared and my mage dies after the first bloc due to hypthermia and I am cced to I can't heal. What are be we doing wrong and what should we be doing to beat these scumbags?

We someimes face problems agaisnt cleaves, for example jungle or anything with feral. After out opener the enemy put us in the pressure and my team take so much dmg that I have problems cloning because they die otherwise. What should our strat be after our opener and we fail to land a kill, after we lose the momentum it feels impossible to get it back. SHould feral always be the kill target in matchups we face them?
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#2 wods1combatxd

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Posted 18 February 2016 - 08:24 PM

Sap the priest, Faerie swarm him, garrote Mage into clone I Mage while Mage DF and sheep healer, if your rogue is combat just gouge priest frostjaw/sheep/clone Mage then deep sheep pala into kidney in sp repeat this and loot rating cus scripted game
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