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How do I know if I'm a decent PvPer?

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#1 Uuno

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Posted 12 February 2016 - 02:22 AM

Just wondering how I go about evaluating myself as a player in the PvP realm of things.

How do I know if I'm good enough for arenas, rbgs, etc?
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#2 PrimorisCruor

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Posted 07 March 2016 - 07:29 PM

Best way to evaluate yourself is to compare your decision-making and gameplay to top players. It's really helpful to watch high level gameplay along with the communication they have with their partners and compare it to what you're doing.

On the same topic, it's really important to record your own matches so you can compare. Getting started with streaming is as easy as setting up a twitch and setting up OBS now.
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#3 ysnakewoo

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Posted 08 March 2016 - 01:34 PM

Record and watch your games.

When you lay back and watch what you played you will see small things like "oh look, I didn't LoS/ground/meld/shear/blink that poly/fear/clone" or "oh, look at my dps positioning in comparison to mine".

You can try to mimick what the "big guys" do and you should do that. However, keep in mind that WoW is currently more of a team-effort game than a solo outplay game. Solo outplays are almost non-existent, so don't base your level on your own skill but your team's skill, improving your teammates will improve your gameplay as well.

Or just download kickbot, play turbo and get free 2.2k
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