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Posted 05 February 2016 - 12:16 AM


I'm casually playing hunter/druid aka the cancer comp in 2s (2.1k mmr) with my friend but lately we've been running into trouble vs DPR and RD. The problem is that my druid is dying almost every game vs rogue and with rogue's defensives he scores the kill around at 20-30% dampening before I can finish him.

What I'm doing is RoS every red buff spree/shadowdance, giving druid freedom to kite rogue, permaslow priest, knock rogue away from druid every KS. Even with all peels done my druid is still eventually dying and I'm not sure what are we doing wrong.

We've also tried killing druid vs RD but the result is still same: rogue eventually catching my druid offguard w/o trinket and finishing him off trough RoS.

What I know is that this isn't a gear issue since we're both fully equipped so could you give us some serious both hunter and druid PoV tips vs DPR/RD.
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