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FLS help

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Posted 03 December 2015 - 02:00 PM


We are currently playing FLS as a setup but whenever we queue into a popular comp such as TWD, RMD or Turbo we pretty much always lose to it unless the players are really really bad. Due to this we can't progress and our rating is just stuck in the same place even though all of us are above 2k in terms of skill (2.6k warlock and shaman, 2,1k feral)

We struggle a lot whenever we face these comps, usually they train either me (feral) or our healer. TWD is pretty much instant loss because we can't stop them long enough for our healer to survive the damage. Most of the time I have to pop Incarnation to keep ourselves alive but even then it won't completely stop them.

Turbo is a huge problem whenever they go on me. It becomes significantly easier if they go on warlock or shaman. But once they are on me I'm forced to go into Bear Form. Our warlock won't do enough damage to either of them for us to win the game and I'm not able to CC or do damage. Going back into cat is almost impossible as they can easily bring me down to 0% from 90% even without CDs.

RMD is insane but we have an easier time against them than TWD. Either they will manage to kill me in a stun even if I pre-shift it. I don't really know how to stop them other than focusing on the mage and interrupting his CC.

We also have a difficult time against other feral comps, like Jungle and Ebola. We just don't have enough pressure, even when we do they manage to come back from 5% HP unlike us.

I've never played FLS before WoD, and in S2 it wasn't a lot of 3s. Back in MoP, even though OP, I was playing Kittycleave, which doesn't really play the same as FLS.

Is there anything we can think about when facing these teams?
When do I pop cooldowns? Most of the time I'm pressured to use them to peel for the shaman or keeping us alive.
When do I really trinket against these, especially RMD?
Do I need to do a certain opener agianst these? TWD it's usually pounce monk, cyclone DK.

It really feels like we play terrible. Might be because we haven't played a lot together, but TWD is one of those teams we can't win against no matter what we do.
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