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Dealing with Demo MLS/P

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#1 Lucassa

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Posted 03 November 2015 - 03:17 PM

As turbo? We've queued into this a couple times and can't figure out what to do. We can stop all the demon bolts but it feels like they can just 2x nova 2x chaos wave into our whole team without cc and we can't recover.

Also, when you reflect demon bolt why does it only hit the lock for like 500?
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#2 Refren

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Posted 03 November 2015 - 03:45 PM

do more damage and learn to use defensives congratz you are now 3k
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#3 Rydar

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Posted 03 November 2015 - 03:52 PM

do more damage and learn to use defensives congratz you are now 3k

probably the most solid turbo advice i've seen on this site
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I want Nicholaes92 dead

#4 ~Invictus

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Posted 05 November 2015 - 01:30 AM

when you reflect demon bolt why does it only hit the lock for like 500?

Demon Bolt has a cast stacking mechanic, the more you cast it the more damage it deals.
So basically you do no damage with it because it's registered as your cast with your talents and your casts, and it's the first Demon Bolt you actually are casting.

Against such comps you'd be better off speccing into Mass Spell Reflection and try to catch some ccs directed to your teammates.
For the Demo, just don't let them cast Demon Bolt. They can do it in Metamorphosis only, so keep that in mind and either focus him during Meta or cc him.
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#5 Fakalock

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Posted 05 November 2015 - 07:49 AM

As turbo u should have a 9/10 winstreek vs any mlx.... Simply just train the shit out of the lock and use all kicks on demonbolt. Do not let the MLX kite u to there side of the open. And stop the tripple cc. Demonbolts got a long casttime and a long builduptime. They can more or less only be verry dangerus once per 2min... (lock trinket proc, onuse trinket, DS, impswarm, howl, petstun, demonbolt 1/2x, 2xchaoswave). So the only thing u basicly need to to is turtle for the 6-8sec that darksoul is up then the dmg is slowly decaying... Just remember... Kicking a demonbolt does not take away the locks fury... so he can still jump arouned casting instants!

If u get a good chanse just swop for the healer with CD's. If he dosnt die just go back lock..

I kind of hate myself for helping another turbo to improve vs the class i play... escpesially when i consider quiting the game due to turbo >.<

edit: forgot to mention... farm pet... if a lock instantsummons a pet there is one minute until he can do it again. And it costs alot of fury to do it. So kill pet. put pressure on lock. he instasummons a pet. U kill that pet dirrectly. its even ok to use cd's on the pet sence the pet dead will resault in 20% more dmg to the lock wich is more or less a perma dps cd on him... Due to how expensie the pet is to resummon as Demo u will also deley his dmg alot.

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#6 flerbu

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Posted 05 November 2015 - 09:02 AM

Atleast when i play mlp against turbo, we deep healer, howl shaman and hoj warrior. Someone have to use something or the warrior dies. So rotate your cds and try stopping the go and do dmg.
Ah sorry i play destro

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