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Voodoo Black Magic, Big Videogame Egos, IRL Bashing .....

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Posted 15 October 2015 - 07:07 AM

Can we have some moderation back pls?

WoW is currently changing, while the game is in an awful state, Blizzard starts to caring, I think it is now up to us to make it a funny game again.
While there is some question about the Staff looking in to this forums, especially Brian Holinka, if he is reading or not, we could make it simply better.

This forum is going nuts, the spam besides, people namecall other people and have a big ego over some pixels, bash people on irl looks and stuff.
Blizzard is coming to us, they ban boosts and disqualify cheaters, botters etc. or well atleast they try.
They try to revive the e-sports part, whether you believe it or not, but the actual state isn't that bad in terms of tournaments and competitions, it's just the wrong time in my opinion.
They even cooperate more and are less focused on their own opinion.

They tried to cover some pro player opinions, for example Goats and try to evolve the PvP part by finally seperating pvp from pve (new prestige system)

I think it would be alot easier if we could hold this site together in a good way.There are other sites, 3rd party sites in particular, who are linked to help players in pve for example and even provide MVP's in the forums.

I think this site has the foundament to provide this for the pvp section, regardless of how good it was populated in the old times, it still contains some pro players here, people with a clue.
But the moderation doesn't seem to care at all, if there is any moderation left at all.

Well, I hope Vanguards or other persons of the staff will atleast consider to whether bring new people in or do it theirselves.

All other people have to work on their behaviour aswell, show some respect again, I hope you don't have unlearned it.

Feel free to post something, like Ideas, in a human way.

Some ideas from my side :

-Posting should require a captcha request, no spammerino more.(VOODOO MAGIC INDIA etc. )
-Harder ruling, people have no respect at all here.It's the truth.
-New sections, a big PTR section with a moderator just for this, who can represent us in the WoW-Forums and release gathered information
-Maybe a "Relate to" section, where non-pro player can ask, if pro's relate to their opinion.
-Generally more interaction with pro/casual to make more overall opinions.

I know it seems nuts and there are probably people who think, this is not going to work or this won't do anything, well if you have this attitude, it probably wont ever yeah.

So, again, feel free to post ideas, criticism or anything.I really feel people still hang on AJ a bit,
you wouldn't post every day if it were otherwise.

Peace! (sorry for bad englando)
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Posted 15 October 2015 - 07:11 AM

Placeholder. Future Ideas etc.
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