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[MACRO] Arena123 on nameplates

macro arena123 nameplates

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#1 Spyrö

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Posted 28 September 2015 - 11:15 PM

[MACRO] Arena123 on nameplates

Option 1: One macro
/run C_Timer.NewTicker(.2,function()for A,P in pairs({WorldFrame:GetChildren()})do A=P.ArtContainer if A then for i=1,5 do if P.NameContainer.NameText:GetText()==GetUnitName("arena"..i)then A.LevelText:SetText(i)break end end end end end)
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Option 2: Two macros. Same with combat tracking (different color for nameplates of players out of combat)
-- Macro 1
/run PPrOc=function(N,B,L)local c=1 for i=1,5 do if N==GetUnitName("arena"..i)then c=UnitAffectingCombat("arena"..i)and 1 or 0 L:SetText(i)break end end B:SetVertexColor(c,1,c)end

-- Macro 2
/run C_Timer.NewTicker(.2,function()for A,P in pairs({WorldFrame:GetChildren()})do A=P.ArtContainer if A and P:IsVisible()then PPrOc(P.NameContainer.NameText:GetText(),A.Border,A.LevelText)end end end)
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Option 3: Two macros highly optimized for performance, faster and much less CPU consuming, no combat tracking
-- Macro 1
/run WorldFrame.PpRc=function(P)P:HookScript("OnShow",function(P)for i=1,5 do if P.NameContainer.NameText:GetText()==P.gUnaMe("arena"..i)then P.ArtContainer.LevelText:SetText(i)break end end end)end

-- Macro 2
/run local W=WorldFrame;W.nC=-1;W:HookScript("OnUpdate",function(s)if s.nC~=s:GetNumChildren()then s.nC=s:GetNumChildren()for _,P in pairs({s:GetChildren()})do if P.ArtContainer and not P.gUnaMe then P.gUnaMe=GetUnitName;s.PpRc(P)end end end end)
Same as option 1

I have created this for "no addons just macros" diehards. If you use addons ArenaPlates is a much better option (much less CPU consuming than the macros, more features, and configurable with an UI panel).
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#2 Woundman

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Posted 29 September 2015 - 06:55 PM

+Rep. Thank you :)
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