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State of the game

wod changes arena suggestion legion hope

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#1 Vehruz

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Posted 20 September 2015 - 07:44 PM

Firstly I would like to say I am not a gladiator level player (highest experience is only around 2300-2400) and have not consistently played arena throughout every expansion. But what I can positively say about WOD is that it's the first time I've been able to truly say that the game is not appealing to me at all. I am queuing shatter on my shadow priest and mage at the moment and I just constantly face the same comps. I really miss the diversity of previous expansions and the class specific qualities. I can reiterate the problems with frost mages, enhancement shamans or other specs but what I really want to do is to be able to enjoy the game again. Myself I hated the ability pruning and the single minded burst mentality of the game where constant damage is less important than mongoloid burst attempts. For instance I feel like mages should have good damage with frostbolt shatters and deeps on the kill target rather than relying on double ice nova, I really miss the old playstyle. Also shadow priests are stupid in the sense that they basically just instant cast the entire arena, fake casting used to be important and I feel like the instant cast-playstyle of shadow priest has greatly lowered their skill cap amongst numerous other things. MOP may have had its bad points but season 15 was really enjoyable and I feel like many players will agree with me when I say that the comp diversity and the viability of numerous specs was a great thing to have. To get to the point of this post, I'd just like to ask what changes do you think need to be made for this game to be great again and what do you think of Legion?
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#2 Voksen

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Posted 21 September 2015 - 10:16 PM

What defines "fun" in WoW-gaming for "you" (or more generally xyz demographic). How can we monetize these ideas? Those are the upstream issues that designers struggle with, handed to them from fan feedback and marketing MBA types.

Zooming into the actual gameplay: Do you want close, back-and-forth fights? Broad variation in comps, encounters, and ladder diversity? How do you like your dividends? Instant gratification or long-run payoffs? What does "dynamic fight sequence" mean for you? Fast-twitch, abrupt interrupts and 180 degree disjunct cooldown transactions vs. Slow macro, fluid and continous evolution? Etc etc.

Its hard to keep things from going stale after years of familiarity. Millions of people-hours have been spammed into playing WoW. After those kinds of numbers, its hard to "innovate". Everything has been tried and the sucess/failure rate on pretty much every combination is at least somewhat known. Nothing really new emerges unless artificially induced via some game balance change/patch.

In a perfect (perhaps overly symmetric and homogenous) world there would be different paths for different folks that all converge with equal skill/reward ratio, where ratio = [probability of success / difficulty in execution]. Nothing would be dramatically harder or easier to pull-off, just different vectors of play, like spread pressure (dot dmg) vs. burst pressure, front end vs. back end peak performance, etc. The classic problem here is that its really easy to achieve harmony at really low skill floors (just make everything one shot everything and the success/difficulty is equalized). However, at high-end scaling, which is what you expect/need for something thats been out as long as WoW, you get this combinatorial complexity explosion which is a lot harder to design for. (its actually not that hard you need more math but team holinka doesnt seem to believe in evolutionary simulation and action-sequence modelling before going live)

My biggest issue with WoD is the design philosophy seemed to become less open and more closed/streamlined. It was less of an in-game player-defined experience and more of a holinka (and his team)-defined experience. Instead of controlling your own destiny, you're choked into fotm/cookie cut builds and have very little control over how to gear, spec, or play.

Spriests for example, have very loose individual control over their damage pressure as it is strongly dictated by RNG procs and gimmick mechanics that rely strongly on external factors. Its more of a game about mastering the noise/rng of procs/crits then about analytically out-thinking anyone. Also in Legion I'd like to see multiple viable min/maxing options, either through the reintroduction of reforging, or through trade-offs like a +haste dot/utility build vs. a +crit burst/dmg build. We had that kind of stuff in tbc/wotlk because of mana wars, dispel wars, and more elaborate mindgames that would influence a match from inside the match (not outside like it is now without charters and pmuch a char-select screen).

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