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WLS tactics

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#1 Konichiwa

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Posted 17 September 2015 - 10:25 AM

Hey i am very new to playing wls and also pretty new to playing lock and i was wondering a few things because im not sure how the comp works.

Should i be dotting the dps + healer or should i only dot the dps and then try to cc the healer as mutch as possible?

Also are healer swaps a viable thing as wls? or should my warrior just sit on the healer as mutch as possible?

Any other tips would also be very welcome, thx
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#2 Fakalock

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Posted 17 September 2015 - 11:02 AM

I havn't played this comp that much myself due it being booring AF imo^^ but when i do play it we dot everyting. And when we are about to get dmg cd's back (pop them pritty early) i let the dots fade of on the cc target. Vs alot of comps we normaly cc the healer. The exceptions are, Rshams and the others if they dont have there CD's left.

VS RMD we can kill anything. I think we get most kills on the mage tho.
Vs FLS we spread and go hard on sham every time I (the lock) manages to get dots on him).
Vs Shatter (hpally) we normaly kill mage.
Vs Jungle we normaly kill the hunter.

Generally WLS can go any1 in the enemy team and score kills. Just do dmg to whoever u can, and make sure to spread the pressure. U realy dont have that much cc out of fear/hex wich isnt enought for a kill most times. So u need to spread much pressure with hardswops to get CD's out. Rek + DS with full fear + hex on healer will normaly force one or two deters depenting on comp and lvl of skill. After that u can kill hunter with just one pet CS on the healer (normaly). If u dont get the target down that u used all cd's and dr to get just keep swopping to whoever can take dmg. Maby the healers used all defensives to save his team and is in a bad spot. Then just swop him.

The only target i think WLS can train is Rshams.

Hope some1 else here can fill in the gaps cause I've only ran WLS to 2,1k myself.
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