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New Ret Paladin blog

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#21 Hollowinside

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Posted 24 November 2015 - 11:00 PM

Thanks, Hollow. Legion is still very early in development, but I think it's better to voice our concerns too soon than too late. If anyone has their own feedback I encourage you to tweet it to @WarcraftDevs. Or if you're jaded and couldn't be bothered I totally understand that, too.

I will make sure to tweet your suggestions! :) Let's hope for the best! Fingers crossed!
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Because the random name generator might pump out Lortfanden, which sounds like a pretty generic fantasy Warrior name in English, until you realize it means "Shit Fuck" in Danish.

#22 Garrockz

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Posted 25 November 2015 - 08:38 PM

The most fun that ret ever was, was back in BC kinda imo.

I really miss the old seals that actually had a noticable impact on the way our damage actually felt. (Consistent: Seal of Blood, Bursty: Seal of Command for example)

Also i deeply detest the Hand of Light Mastery because the whole damage is spiked with so many small numbers that you just lose sight of what's what.

Maybe im alone on this opinion but i feel like they should change our Mastery around to something completely different and scratch this whole permanent added Holy Damage Idea.

Just an Idea: Imbue Holy Energy on your weapon? A selfcast buff with maybe 25 seconds cooldown that enhances our weapon with Holy energy making us strike for +150% Weapon Damage as Holy Damage on each Weapon swing(or Melee Attack) for 5 seconds making each swing heal the ally with the lowest health nearby for 50% of the holy damage done. And the Mastery could give us a certain % chance on our Holy Power consumers to reset the cooldown of this ability.

Or a Judgment that not only increases the dmg we do to the target, but also giving their most recently attacked enemy a 3sec. Buff that reduces their incoming damage by maybe 20%?

Or just make Seals like this: Short temporary buffs of different effects that we imbue on our weapons.
Maybe 3 themed seals like Prot/Dmg/Heal?
And make each of those available for each spec? And give all Paladin specs the Mastery to reset the cooldown of these Seals on some of their spells. This would make the whole Seal Mechanic a real "Paladin only" Thing and would definitely provide some class identity.

It feels like Ret just goes more and more into a holydmg warrior kinda spec instead of a Harbinger of Light. What about putting some more emphasize on offhealing/protecting friendly targets, and giving some of our damage abilities added side-effects of healing/protecting nearby targets like in my ideas above.

To me a real paladin is Uther, wielding a big fat Mace and a Libram to cast off protective or healing spells while striking foes down.

Edit: And i know its never going to happen, but i just feel like Paladins should be able to really wear Mainhand / Offhand / Libram and actually making the Libram something you can see on our equipment and something that is utilised in our spell animations and something that has its own unique passive or on use effects (give it way more depth than in WotlK) and making it affect our stats and making it just as important as the weapon we wear.
Just my 2 cents.

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