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Glad HPal LF S15+ Glads/R1 Partners

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Posted 01 September 2015 - 01:59 PM

Sick of dogshit partners that don't understand what I ask them to do, need partners that will take lead of the group because a healer leader sucks and I'm sick of having to tell people what to do when they should already just know how to do it. I'm really good at Hpal, I have just under 300 days /played and I got glad in S5, and then I took a break from WoW, I was #2 in my BG in S5 in the 2v2 bracket as DK/Hpal. I know the achieve is old, but keep in mind I didn't feel like playing hpal at all when I came back at the end of MoP (what I mean by came back is: to play an entire season, where I queued every single week of the season) which I did do in S15 but as a resto druid. It was my first season ever playing rdruid, and yeah I got like 2200 fairly easy playing God Comp, then Warlords Season 1 was when I could bring back out the HPAL (since literally every single other healing class was better than hpal's before WoD) and it was just my warmup season, during the last week when I was pushing, I had finals, and I ended up getting duelist, keep in mind though, that none of my partners were glad xp, let alone recent glad xp, after playing with a bunch of shitters today I've decided that I'm just simply not going to queue with anyone unless they are recent glad/r1. I'm all warmed, come try me out in 2s and watch, legit just queue some 2s with me and you'll see right away that I am one of the top pally's you have played with. IDGAF about CR I will grind with you to get it up, just please at least know the abilities of every single other class in the game (except monk). (Also during last week of last season, I was too busy during finals weeks at Harvard so I tanked a shit ton that week.)

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