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Avoiding CC


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#1 Paramis

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Posted 17 August 2015 - 07:32 AM

Hey all,

I've been playing resto for a little over a year now and didn't have many issues last season but for some reason I'm getting reckt this one. I just wanted to get some insight to general playstyle of druid and how you go about avoiding CC.

A few questions:
  • Should you ever play pushed in? How far back should I be standing from my team in 2s/3s? Sometimes I'm forced to push in which puts me in a shitty position and sets me up to be CC'd for days. Is this on my team or should I be able to play pushed in and simultaneously avoid the CC onslaught? I know that's very context dependent however what is your general rule of thumb?
  • Do you save your globals as you see mages approaching for CC? I find often I can pre-shift deep but I'll get caught mid global throwing some HoT and get poly'd. I do use shadowmeld when I'm in those situations, but after that should I just be the pillarhump hero?
  • When do you throw out CC in 3s? Do you first ensure your team is fully hotted and full health + interrupts are on CD or do you just go for it? Most times I find there's never a perfect opportunity where my team is fine and all interrupts are on CD and ultimately I'm just gambling by attempting to clone.
  • When do you throw out bash in 3s?
  • How frequently do you use genesis? I feel like I use it far too much, especially when my team is getting pressured and I can't risk getting interrupted on cast. How do keep everyone alive without having to spam this? (beside just swiftmend NS regrowth + ironbark + mushroom) Are you constantly repositioning your mushroom?
  • Are you primarily CCing DPS in 3s?
  • How do you go about avoiding deep sheeps? I can try my damndest to pillarhump and pop out only a microsecond to throw out a HoT but I'll still get caught in deep. When you're fighting mages is keeping LoS from them your major priority?
  • Is force of nature the superior tier 60 talent now? Against what comps is it preferable?
  • What is your take on the druid playstyle? Should I just be running the entire time from any and all people attempting to CC me? That might be a stupid question but I might have this all wrong and am playing far too aggressive, putting myself at risk for CC and swaps.
Thank you for any feedback, I really appreciate it.
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#2 relegladhero

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Posted 18 August 2015 - 07:21 AM


1. Pushing in is the same on every healer. The only times when you should push in for a bash or clones, are when AT LEAST one of the following are true:
- You are DRed on their CC
- Your team has momentum
- You have CDs to counter swaps and/or get out again
- Your team is aware that you will push in now
- The enemy team doesn't have CDs to swap to you

2. Get a CD tracker, when deep comes off CD or is off CD, and the mage is close enough to blink/sprint to you for a CC chain, play very cautious with your gcds.

3. It depends on WHY you want to clone. Cloning defensively, aka cloning a big CD of the enemy team, cloning because you fell back on healing, etc., will eventually prevent more damage than you could've healed in that duration, so this is something to go for as much as possible (be aware of enemy interrupts though, learn to fakecast, because if you get locked on a defensive clone you do more harm than good). Offensive clones are more situational. Either you can push in to CC the enemy healer as described in point 1, or you clone the kill target with low HP and/or while they have a big def CD up. The latter one is really always worth a shot, even if you get locked, you have momentum at that time anyways so meh...

4. Depending on the comp you're playing and the one you're facing you either use it on the killtarget when your teammates make a go and CC the healer, or you use it defensively vs people training you

5. You stated yourself when to use Genesis. When you don't have any CDs to pop, can't risk to be interrupted (happens far less than new players think, more often than not you can just let people kick you), and one of you is in immediate danger of being chopped. Apart from that it's really basic, keep dots up, swap blooms around, regrowth is your main spammable heal. Another thing you can try is to let people kick you on purpose while high HP, so they won't have any interrupts anymore when people drop

6. Situational, see the other points about CC for ideas when to clone what

7. Again, get a CD tracker and track the mage's deep CD, and if it comes off CD soon or is already off CD, then start playing around deep. Also watch for novas, they're used to set up deeps

8. It's good vs teams where you have to camp bear form a lot, aka mages or teams training you 24/7

9. See the rest of this post

Hope I was able to help out a bit
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