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Need help against affliction...

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Posted 24 July 2015 - 10:49 PM

I have only recently begun playing retribution, and I need some help.

Right now, I am playing Retribution/Fury/Mistweaver.

I try to support my team with freedoms, off-heals, bubbles.
I use execution sentence as emergency heal. Even use AW to spam heals on them.
I rotate defensives with MW and interrupts with warrior; he also reflects CC well.

I feel we are doing fine with CC chains (running repentance at the moment).


Affliction Warlock teams completely wreck us. Anything with an affliction warlock.
Shadowcleave with DW frost dk is especially brutal; they just rape us. It is brutal.

Arena begins and after a few seconds we are pushed on the defensive, with the whole team dying; divine protection does not help much.
Besides trying to CC and interrupt the warlock during DS, do you have a tip about what should we do?

If healer is shaman, we try to train him; if healer is monk, we force bubble and then burst. If that's not the case, which target should we focus on?

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