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Enhancement rotation questions...

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Posted 23 July 2015 - 11:11 AM

Ok so I feel like I'm doing pretty well overall playing enhancement so far. Lots of keys to press, but it's an absolute blast. More fun I've had PVP'ing than anything I played last season (RDruid,Hpal,Hunter,Disc) and I'm playing lock this season and bored to tears with it.

I'm going to really concentrate on getting better at enhance. I got a few toons to 1700/1750 last season (my first), and I want to see if I have a realistic chance to get to 2000 this one.

Here are the current areas I'm trying to get better:

1) Openers. If I get put into a stun by a druid/rogue I usually sit it out and get offheals from my partner. If I'm playing with a double DPS partner without heals, I'll trinket it/healing totem/shamanistic rage. Does this sound right? At that point, I'm either dropping a capacitor totem and trying to gain some distance to heal around a pillar, or I'm healing in place through their burst and trying to juke interrupts. Sometimes though, I fall so far behind that it feels like I can't catch up anymore. I always encourage my partners to peel as well, of course. Grounding totem does not work against feral/rogue/shaman/DK stuns, correct?

2) I saw a macro in one of the guides I've been using but it seems to make my rotation very clunky. It's the one where you put UE and LB in a cast sequence. I can change the macro to separate them again, that's not really the question though. What is.. is should I be using UE with every 5-maelstrom LB? Or should I be using EB at 4 stacks as I read somewhere? And should a 5-stack LB be prioritized over 2 LL or 2 SS? Outside of purges/heals/flame shocks/lava lashes and SS, I feel like I'm having a hard time knowing which fillers to hit when I have uptime on a target and nothing on my toolbar to do besides EB/UE/LB or even Frost Shock.

3) Particularly with the change to SS damage in the hotfix, is SS > LL? Or is it 2LL > SS > 1LL?

Thanks for the help!
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