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Pls guys i need help....

rogue mage paly fucking op RAGE

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#1 vockyy

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Posted 14 July 2015 - 07:05 PM

Hey Bros,

i started wow'ing last leason with the launch of wod again. had a break of like 2 years. with the free push to 90 i decided to play a rogue (cause i like being in the shadows and stuff). it makes fun and i would say that im improving.

im playing assa most of the time now.

last season i went to ~2050 (2s) with "retarded" combat. it was ok, i reached my goals. i made a break midseason and didnt want to play anymore cause i only faced warriors/hunters and it was like retarded to play vs the same comp again and again. it didnt make fun anymore.
with the launch of season 2 some friends of mine asked if i would come back so i did. now im playing since the release of season 2 and i have TONS of problems in 2s when facing mages. its like i really cant do shit. its always the same every 30 sec. nova on rogue, deep poly the healer, hoj on the rogue (im the rogue guys :o) and 6 sec free dmg. i wouldnt say that im that bad. i got my focus shits done, i cross cc etc. i usually do MUCH more dmg than the mage. but with a 90s cloak u just watch him burning u down with the time. then theres the INSANE kiting of mages... i cant waste step for getting after him cause if i dont have step i cant kick poly...
i have problems facing paladins too. the dmg just seems to go nowhere. "oh you do muchos dmgos on me? no problemo dude, i just bubble/bop TEN MILLION TIMES DAFUQ. oh you got me low and i dont have outs? dude, i just do some execution shit and im full hp dude. whatcha gonna do about bro? NOTHING BRO."

im really feeling lost. REALLY. and if i face another mage/hpala today i surely quit my abo. cause this isnt normal. i play games vs mage or hpala 90% of the time.

if some1 got some tips or mind helping me (i can stream) post here or add me ingame (nicos#2713). im from EU btw

PLEASE help me guys. im sitting at my 1,6 rating and freaking out cause i know that im doing much better than the poly shit mages who have like 5 buttons to press
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#2 Refren

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Posted 14 July 2015 - 07:12 PM

buy a skill capped sub
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#3 vockyy

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Posted 14 July 2015 - 07:18 PM

not sure if your post is ironic or not. whatever, thought about buying one the last season and figured out ppl from eu cant use paypal to pay. so i cant pay :D
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#4 ContortedTV

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Posted 14 July 2015 - 07:32 PM

Tbh having issues against Mage/HPal isn't all that surprising.

Vs. Mage/Hpal you have to cycle your CD's very well. You cloak after first HoJ, healer trinkets second HoJ, you trinket third HoJ, and by fourth HoJ you should have Cloak up again (or coming up soon).

If you're just AFK Tunneling HPal vs Mage/HPal, you're doing it wrong. I don't know what healer you're playing with, but Mutilate can definitely kill the Mage. It's not bad to tab target the Mage/Paladin/Weleand try to rot as it goes deeper into Dampening (and more energy from Venomous Wounds). Imo unless you have Vendetta+Vanish or MFD+Vanish, going Paladin is a waste of time.

If it's Nova->Deep every time, consider saving a Vanish (which is really shitty for Mutilate, because you've conceded the next minute of pressure) to Vanish the Nova in order to stop Deep->Poly on your healer.

If you're having issues vs. Paladins in general, this also isn't much of a surprise. HPaladins do very well vs Mutilate Rogues (40% Magic Dmg Reduction). If you catch them at low health in a lockout, just spam CD's and try to kill them.

I played a really long game vs Mage/HPal this morning as Mut/HPal. I ended up killing the mage. Every 30s it was Kidney on Mage (usually out of a Poly lockout) and HoJ on HPal. Every minute we could usually setup HoJ->Sap with a lot of burst on the Mage. Outside of it, I was mostly just spreading aids and watching the team slowly rot as Dampening increased.
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#5 vockyy

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Posted 15 July 2015 - 07:20 AM

I usually spread my ruptures anyway! but good to know, that this playstyle isnt dumb. the problem is, if i trinket after the hoj i get smacked in my face. during hoj i usually eat dmg until im about 50k hp left. theres enough space to cloak, yeah. gonna try that!
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