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Struggling in 2s as warrior

2s 2v2 struggle warrior

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#1 Excidio

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Posted 07 July 2015 - 07:29 PM

tldr: Me(warrior) 2k in 3s last season cant get past 1500 in 2s. Keep queuing into affliction/feral/rogue + healer.

Ill set the scene for you. I played my warrior to 2k in 3v3 last season and have allways been 1800-1900 in 2s since cata even as a casual weekly capper. This first week of 6.2 i spent farming all the honor gear and capping conquest. I even got the correct RNG item from Ashran.
Now, I thought it would be a good idea to raise my 2v2 rating just to get a slightly higher cap next week, so i asked my friend (fully geared holy pala) to help me. I did not expect to get 2k right away, but I thought 1750-1800 would be achievable.

After being stuck at 1400 for 3 hours(!) my pala rage quit and I decided to write my first post(rant) on this page. We can beat stuff like moonkin+healer, mage+healer, mirrors, fist monks, spriests, dps shamans, rets and even hunter+healer. But in between those wins we queue into affliction/feral/rogue + healer or super mongo feral+dk teams. I'm at a loss of how to handle these comps.

Aff locks just melt me and my mate away even if I spend all my time trying to mess up his cd's and casts while I pump my pve rotation in his face. The lock can just back peddle, never use gateway and get all his counter spells juked and still kill either one of us quite easily. Going on his healer means he will kill us faster.

Any feral team is super hard because they do more damage than me while outhealing my damage at the same time.

Rogues just tunnel my pala to the ground and kill him faster than I can kill his mate.

Holy paladins spam annoying denounce and are unkillable for me if they decide to mate with the pillar while freedom sprinting.

MW monks with their bubble feel safe enough to leave his partner alone at our pillar (on my healer) while trying to bait me out to middle where he will just port back to the opposite pillar leaving me looking stupid in the middle. Going on his pal won't work because it's usually a dk who parries everything I do and tops himself whenever needed.

We can be landing pummels, reflecting clones/hexes etc. and stunning important cds all game and still feel like we are fighting an uphill battle. Granted, some of the teams are arenamasters and out of our league, but most of the time it feels kind of...unfair. Losing to the class more than the player(looking at you, backpeddling shaman with your dk having his tunnel goggles on, parrying everything). I know the game will never be balanced for 2s, but come on.

End of rant. Let me know if you have had simmilar experiences. I dunno if everyone suddenly became pros or if the gap between the seasons left me totally noobified. Also, wtf happened to the variety? we queue into the same team like 3-4 times in a row
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#2 DjBenx

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Posted 10 July 2015 - 06:25 PM

warrior 2s is more about the ability of your partner, spamming as much damage as possible while staying alive till dampening
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#3 DaRougaroux

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Posted 13 October 2015 - 01:58 AM

2s just suck for some classes and specs. EVeryone will tell you same old tired excuse of "Its not balanced around 2s, its balanced around 3s" which doesnt help their case very much.
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