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Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

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Posted Today, 03:01 PM


Funny, I used to be like that as well, back when I knew people and played the game every day. Everyone playing SPriest/Rogue in 2s in TBC ? Loflay the retard, only guy playing SP/Warlock and SP/Restokin. Everyone playing with a healer in 3s back in S3/S4 ? Lolflay the retard playing Shadow RMP. Everyone playing Ret/Rogue/Disc and RMP on Glad rating in S6 ? Lolflay the retard playing Affliction/Ret/Disc. Everyone playing shatterplay in WoTLK ? Lolflay the retard playing RPS ( I'm the guy who popularised it iirc, and even coined the term "RPS" ). That was all back when the game felt different, when I knew a lot of people and had a lot of friends, and I actively played the game. I won't say that finding people to play with is hard atm ( considering I don't even try doing it ), but it's a clear opposite to back when people whispered me 24/7 and realmxferred to play with me. It's my own choice I guess, I don't even like people knowing my character names because I enjoy being unknown atm.

I digress, and I wrote a pointless chunk of text. I wouldn't say people are cowards, they just don't want to waste their time playing non-proven-to-be-viable stuff if they already can't find proper partners for "oh yeah this comp is super OP" stuff.


Perhaps, perhaps not. I don't find WoW to be a game like League or CSGO where nerfs are the best course of action, sometimes a healthy buff to a struggling class is better than nerfing the thing that's keeping the class down. Almost all good seasons in WoW were a produce of Blizzard buffing the struggling classes and leaving the good ones intact.


You're completely right. However, that opinion doesn't stand with the majority of the human race - why else am I bombarded with "OMG U WON'T BELIEVE WHAT KIM KARDASHIAN DID THIS TIME" articles anytime I open up a news portal ? People being famous because "they're famous" - wat ? So his opinion is definitely more sound than your friends' purely due to that reasoning. Not to me, personally, but to a lot of other people, including the idiots who watch Twitch and religiously fanboy people who stream/do other shit.


Fuck football, and fuck watching (e-)sports in general. I only watch things that I can't do on my own - Star Wars because I obviously can't use a fucking lightsaber or shoot a movie or anything else, TV shows because they tell a interesting story, books, etc. Why would I watch LCS when I can just queue a rated game of League of Legends on my own. Football ? You can take a ball and go play with your friends outside right now, don't give idiots money for chasing a fucking ball on a grass field.

Higher rated people know more about the game than lower rated people, the same way scientists know more about this world than non-scientists do.


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