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beating hpala mage rogue

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Posted 03 July 2015 - 09:41 AM

Playing some turbo as usual last night around 2.5-6 mmr, we seem to beat all of these fotm lock comps that seem to of arouse, however, I can't seem to figure out how to beat rogue mage hpala, some vods of our games are here > twitch.tv/roymay I don't claim to be best enhance eu but feel I'm a good enhance.


Played several games vs different variations, sub rm pala isn't as much of a problem as they can only kill during dance, but assassination is so hard, I ground deep or the poly after deep and sheer the cc after from the mage, and the warrior gets the re poly. There's a couple of vods where literally I or the pally die in a deep freeze with no cc follow up from 80-0 cause the rogue dfa en venom crit's us for like 200k with icicles from mage with hpala spamming denounce.

I don't know just feels like a struggle, figured some sort of tactic by turtling all game with the hpala stacking so mage can't poly and ice nova or bomb but it's mega cheesy

Yes turbo op I know, I just want advise from other Turbo's or cleaves vs hpala rm
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