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6.2 Prot Pala FC/Deff , viable ?

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Posted 27 June 2015 - 02:41 AM

Now im gone start with that i play ret pala in rbgs from ages and lets be honest ret isnt the best spec for rbgs . was thinking to main my rogue this season but then i decided to check prot pala

now what i found is kinda interesting from my plays in skirmish and random bgs prot pala feel abit better then prot warr on survivability and a bit lower on mobility but speed of light + freedom is still good to use

Now about what i found about the spec which make it that interesting

lets start with Holy Shield which can absorb shit load of Spell dmg roughly 40% of every "blocked" spell work also with dots this is just amazing in my option. best absorb was 34k from a chaos bolt . and vs affi lock kept popping dmg to the lock every time it "blocked"

Second - Divine protection glyphed (unglyped vs spell casters comps) which with unbreakable spirit is 20% all dmg red(40% spell dmg red) every 30 secs

third - . combined with guardian of ancient kings (50% dmg red) its 70%.dmg red . possible to hit the cap with argent defender (which is 30% dmg red ,the cap sadly is 75% not 100%) or hitting it fine vs spell dmg

Also you can use it once with guardian and once with argent defender giving 1. 70% dmg red for 8 sec and one for 50% dmg red for 8 sec .

What more to consider is the off heals are okish the aoe dmg is also out there

and avengers shield which can silence a caster can be quite useful .

now there can be done some tweaks around like using hand of purity + divine protection which can give 35% red dmg but havent test that for now

so for FC spot i think Prot pala can fair quite good . also can do abit better then rogue on the long run with debuffs . ofc is no blood dk but still viable in my option

and for the deffender a prot pala can be quite good, can be on the spot of a hunter mage or rogue which can be send in attack , considering trinket + divine shield + avengers shield/blinding light(6 sec aoe blind) to silence/stun a enemy caster trying to cc you
and forbidence is 30secs after that hand of protection can be casted which remove lots of cc from you .

that work fine for every BG whit out temple and silvershard mines but the fix for that is easy switch spec to Ret

before i go any where with this im interested to hear anothers ppl options on this

update . after few tests its look like this . prot got quite alot dmg reducation that can save your skin few times but overall you cant survive much dmg because of the no HP reg spells and most of the times your in deep CC and you cant get Holy power
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Posted 29 June 2015 - 06:53 PM

Damage reduction effects are multiplied, not added, and there are no caps for them.

Edited by Hidden, 29 June 2015 - 06:53 PM.

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