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Next Season Rogue Spec?

Mutilate Combat Subtlety

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#81 Milaya

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Posted 14 July 2015 - 08:35 PM

Sub feels a lot better this patch. The game pacing is also really good for it since it makes the plays available from dance more valuable. And as far as dmg goes I usually get outdamaged by pika pmuch every game now which actually surprised me a lot (but thats with wargame gear - to feel the strength of sub we'll need full gear)

Mut howver def seems like it's really crazy, it definitely hasbsome nasty burst. I feel both sub and mut are viable, but the biggest thjng is it feels like sub can actually get rewarded for good play now

But isnt that because you even stop your AA to not procc your trinket ?

I saw it on the 1st GCD after the 6.2 and was surprised too and thought you would just wait your procc trinket.
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The Jaimex List:

1) Priest in WoD Season 2 are OP
2) Hydra is the one of the worst Priests
3) No one loses a Glad spot for Boosting
4) Ele Shamans only hit for 30k LB even though Zeepeye did 49k like 3 weeks into S2
5) Boosting is not against the ToS
6) Money from Boosts do not need to get taxed
7) Supply and demand is the reason for boosts
8) js rshamans dont heal 200k unless they get lucky, maybe 100k consistently

#82 Dills

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Posted 14 July 2015 - 08:53 PM

But isnt that because you even stop your AA to not procc your trinket ?

I saw it on the 1st GCD after the 6.2 and was surprised too and thought you would just wait your procc trinket.

Well yes and no - the games that we had opened incredibly hard and both of us held all our damage until we lined up our burst I would get oudamaged by him unless it was a 5 stacks window. But usually if we just win in the opening crows dance he would beat me on damage.

As far as the not auto attacking while yeah it's true that I will do that so that we don't have to wait as long for our burst window since I want it to be as efficient as possible (i.e bw crows will be up in 20 seconds, I don't want my trinket to proc then because I'd have to hold bw crows much longer to get that perfect set up. Or if I want to get 5x frenzy stacks and then line it up with proc trinket bw crows I will hold my auto attacks to let me get stacks even if both my proc trinket and bw crows are available to be triggered, I like holding them until the 5 stacks because 40% ap increase with an agility proc is huge) - my pet is most of my passive dps outside of my kcds and I still will kill command because it does not trigger my trinket proc :P I just avoid barraging/arcane shotting/cobra shotting and even though those are still little extra amounts they are not going to be very effective outside of a burst window.

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did you ever get round to taking it? It's actually the best free site i've found :)

Gonna take that as you flopped hard and couldn't get near my score with repeated tries :)

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