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Resto 3's Disscussion

Resto Sham Shaman 3s

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#1 Pika

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Posted 08 June 2015 - 11:50 AM

Hey AJ,

Just had a few questions I would like some higher rated advice regarding certain play style choices. Most of these are just very specific and I was just wondering how high rated shamans are dealing with these.

Ok firstly, Cloudburst. Do you rotate healing stream and cloud burst on CD? Vs a ret/hunt team or similar once you exit CC you know you have around 10 seconds before it all begins again. In this situation its likely one of your team mates is on 40% maybe lower is it better to "charge up" a cloud burst totem with your 10 seconds of freedom or since they're low and you could get kicked is it better to drop a HS?

Generally I completely forget to use CB since I've just started playing again and its new to me however I could see the advantage of dropping it a few seconds before I get cc'd and trying to push out as much healing as possible so it pops for a good amount. Whats your opinion on this? do you generally just automatically drop HS out of CC or do you try and gauge how long you have till the next CC and if you can charge up a CB.

Secondly, Compositions. I've had some success playing with a ret but I haven't played much at all this season. I see a few WLS but fail to see how this comp really benefits the shaman. The main shaman killer comps to me seem like TSG, kitty, and jim jims comp (forgot the name DK/WW) How does a comp like WLS help counter these? most TSGs I meet I rarely last longer then 5 minutes. It seems I can fake every kick and they can fuck up there stun DR's and I still die to the dk's breath of death in a DR'd stun lol. When fighting comps like this do you play as offensive as possible and try and use there over aggressiveness against them or do you play as defensive as possible and ask your team mates to spam peels 24/7? (which is fairly impossible against DK's).

Lastly, Gearing. Majority seem to be going versa however, some seem to stack mastery. Generally is versa seen as the best because it reducing damage as well as increases healing. Even with stacking versa I'm still fairly low (7% i think?) this equates to 3.5% damage reduction which tbh sounds fairly shitty. Why has everyone moved away from crit this season? is it due to us only being able to gain a few % and still leaves us fairly low? Whats your opinion on gearing? or do you subscribe to the "doesnt matter" way of thinking.

Anyway I wanted this to be a discussion so if you have any other questions regarding rsham 3s feel free to ask away and I'm sure someone more qualified then me will answer.


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#2 Rodal

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Posted 08 June 2015 - 12:33 PM


I wasn't able to play too much in the last weeks so hopefully someone more 'updated' will chime in. Till then:

Cloudburst: Generally it's ideal to rotate it with healing stream on CD but it's not always possible. If you are free to cast and you are facing single target dmg comps I'd say prioritize hard cast heals. Although if the situation is not so dangerous you can cloudburst first and charge it up ofc. If healing stream is ready you can usually go for it and let your cloudburst blow up since HS is still a big part of our healing and needed as much as possible. Your example situation: I'd try to heal up my teammate with hard cast heals faking with instants: earth shield, unleash and if they don't go for kick then get the doubled riptide on my mate and drop healing stream. If you manage to heal him up with healing surges then wait for the enemy cc chain and drop a HS in a safe spot before the cc chain begins.

Composition: PHS, Jungle and WLS are considered viable rsham comps atm, in this order. Ofc you can witness people playing rsham kitty, rls and etc. at higher ratings but that's more about the players itself rather than the comp. Enemy-wise: ww/dk is truly hard, similar to last season tsg/kitties. Keep your trinket+link for breath of sindragosa and command your teammates to be that a 3-men link. Usually you will still need peels during the full strangulate. Hopefully you are playing dwarf so on their next full stun dr/strangulate you can sit the stuns and then stoneform the strangulate, potentially 2nd link. Watch their cooldowns: breath/gargoyle/monk pops/on use trinkets. TSGs are not an issue anymore and kitties are rarely played. Playstyle: depends on your comp. If you are playing with a ret, the double bop on you can help to be a bit more offensive against melee teams, but usually you are still on the defensive side I'd say.

Gearing: some players tend to go for versatility. That will place you with 8-9% versa and 63-65% mastery. If you go mastery: 5-6% versa and 72-73% mastery. In my opinion having versatility will help you more in stuns and facing train the blues playstyles. And tbh that's what rshamans need in the current meta. Plus the way mastery works: you will only get this ~ +10% healing when your heal target is at 1% till then it's a linear increase (according to some googled articles) so I think it's safe to say that +3-4% versa healing is usually equals to the amount of + mastery you get out of situations. And on top of that you can get the dmg reduction on yourself. This is highly subejctive though. One more thing: spirit cloak/rings and trinkets. You can try these vs WLS and some other comps to see for yourself. Plus don't forget the potential stamina trinkets (against rmp/rmd or thug) Crit: it is nerfed to 150% in pvp, ancestral awakening (our+30%) has been removed on the other hand resurgence (crit = mana back) is now active even while you have earth shield. But it's not enough healing output anymore compared to mastery/versa.


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#3 Xonika

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Posted 08 June 2015 - 05:14 PM

kitty is best ladder comp for EU rsham atm, followed by PHS. jungle and WLS arnt very good anymore with the current meta. if your wanting to learn shaman people will say watch cdew. cdew is an entertainment streamer nowadays and when he did play he was always very defencive and that doesnt suite the current meta(still works on US tho), if u can see how shamans like loony and absterge play is much better, they know how to play both offencive and defencive. gearing and small things like rotating cloudburst wont make a huge difference in gaining rating/becoming better. tbh wait till next season and pray for lock shaman
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