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Survival/Disc 2s Advice

survival hunter priest disc

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#1 Baregryllz

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Posted 28 April 2015 - 12:17 PM


I recently swicthed to Survival from BM as i found the play style a little boring. I play with a disc priest around 2k mmr and seem to be having trouble with rogue/mage comps. As a BM i could put enough pressure on to generate a kill but i feel now they seem to pressure me and kill me in the first 30 seconds before i can force them to go defensive. Can anyone give me some advice please on how to deal with this comp?

Alongside this, as i am fairly new to survival if anyone more experienced knows of certain comps that survival/disc have trouble with but have ways of dealing with them, i would be very grateful for the advice.

Thanks in advance.
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#2 eltharyonlol

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Posted 28 April 2015 - 03:36 PM

Your priest should pick up the mass dispel glyph to dispel Ice block and you should generally be able to kill the mage quickly, as survival you have alot of CC for the rogue, he shouldn't be able to touch you, go with posthaste so you can kite and chase the mage, then trap the rogue into a full fear into snake trap snare, the rogue can't BoS out of it but he can cloak it, the CD is only 20 sec anyway so between traps,fears and snares the rogue should never have a decent uptime on you.

Never trinket anything outside of full kidney into smokebomb, tell your priest to keep hugging the pillar except when he goes for fears, and at this point the mage will probably deep > poly, interrupt the poly or let your priest blanket the mage preventively.

If you are in danger of dying just use deterrence, rogue/mage can only kill you during CDs after that it's a free win, beware though they will try to reset so chase them by any means necessary and keep the rogue CCed to prevent him peeling for the mage, if he screws though, like he wastes a vanish/trinket or cloak just rape him with full dots and crows and remember to pick the snake trap glyphs as it provides a "slowing" trap that doesn't share the CD with other frost traps (in other words freezing trap) and procs entrapment, a 5 second snare that doesn't break on damage so keep that in mind if you swap on the rogue.
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#3 elitistwow


Posted 28 April 2015 - 03:54 PM

You shouldnt have much trouble if you follow the hunters advice but keep in mind to tell your priest to rebuff hastly as mage will steal fort a lot and it is a big chunk of health

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