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3on3 MW Balance Arms

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#1 Blazingstar

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Posted 21 April 2015 - 01:55 PM

i m new to this forum and have some questions. (was reading her before but i have more specific questions)
Armory to my char:
eu bnet /wow/de/character/aegwynn/Verwoehnung/simple (alt first serious arena team, main 2,6k exp as dps)

So my team, especially me as a mistweaver, is having huge problems vs Mageteams (RMD, Godcomb) and some Hunterteams.
I think the main problem is that my team can not prevent every cc on me. And comps like RMD put me in very long cc Chains. Deep - ROF - Clone 3x - Bash, while they have huge pressure on one Target and root my Warrior somewhere and the try to Kill the Moonkin.

So i ve asked myself if its the warriors job to destroy their cc Chains or if i can do sth as a monk.
Sometimes i Nimble the first stun to dodge the CC Chain and we can get some pressure out. But after 30 secs i get the second stun and most games they get a huge chain on me, which i can t trinket cause the rogue can still blind + sap me.
The Moonkin can only stop casts with beam or taifun..

Watching some streams i noticed Mass spell reflection is not that common in warrior teams, but for me it seems like a solution for our issues.

What can we do to improve and prevent such chains?
Especially what should a MW do to prevent cc? Can i teleport when im stunned?^^ dunno sry, there are a lot of new things and i m not used to this playstyle so i m propably missing something

thanks for replies

Edit Cr 1.9 and 2k MMR, still no clue how to play against mages/hunters
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#2 Railander

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Posted 29 April 2015 - 11:26 PM

the most you can do is pre-cocoon during deep/bash, but dont do it if their kill target is already at 100% hp because they'll just switch targets.
if poly is incoming without deep, you can taunt the mage pet before you get poly'd and the pet will break it moments later.
also never forget to have whoever they're attacking with renewing mists and zen sphere up to help soak as much dmg as possible and at 100% at all times.

but yea, thats about it. its good that you're playing with a warrior since he can stop a lot of polys/cyclone with mass reflect and pummel. if they get the 1st poly/cyclone off, your moonkin should cyclone whoever is CCing you before the chain continues and you can get some heals in.
mage/druid strong point is long-ass CC chains. the 1st CC isn't a big problem by itself, so if you can get some heals between it and the rest of the CC chain you essentially break their momentum.

your team should always use their defensives like shieldwall and die by the sword before you need to use your trinket. the trinket is the absolute best cd you have against mage teams, so use it only when necessary and as a last resort. try not to use nimble or trinket to break chains if your partnets are already at full health. save them to when the chain is starting and you're already falling behind on heals.
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