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Chi-Explosion vs. Pools Of Mist

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#1 Primius

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Posted 09 April 2015 - 08:12 PM

Which of these are best right now. At the start of the season everyone was using pools but now I see a ton of monks using explosion.

In the process of coming back to the game and haven't played all season. Trying to find out what people are doing to be successful and why.

I also see people using Zen Sphere now over Chi-Wave. What changed?
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#2 jumpypuppet


Posted 09 April 2015 - 09:01 PM

afaik you can swap around in both tiers depending on the matchup. like i prefer chi wave in most situations, just for the extra damage+healing, but i will also consistently take zen sphere vs comps that are able to purge spam. not that it works particularly well -- see my thread on the first page -- but it's something.

as for ex its main use is that it provides burst healing. and as someone else mentioned earlier today, it's not a hot, so it's not vulnerable to being purged like enveloping and renewing. IMO the main thing you give up when you take it is the ability to cheaply generate chi via multiple stacks of renewing. cheap chi = more chi = more enveloping = less mana spent overall -- you may be familiar with our recent mana issues -- which becomes increasingly useful the longer a match stretches out. less useful but still worth considering are the extra charges of RSK, which when chained together can burst pretty hard.

explosion shines in games that you don't expect to run long, or involve particularly heavy burst (often these qualities go hand in hand). that's how i see it, anyway. some other talents you may want to consider swapping out for are torpedo -->xuen, elixir -->dampen harm (both good vs casters) and brew --> power strikes (i haven't tried PS but i know some people use it).
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