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Fire Viable in RBGs? Need tips

Mage Fire Frost RBG PVP

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#1 howiellus

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Posted 23 March 2015 - 10:50 AM

With the dps comp that my team currently runs being boomy, hunter, afflock, dk, war, rogue, + fire mage. Would a fire mage be viable? Specifically asking for battlegrounds like gilneas, arathi, eots, deepwind gorge where a mage defends? Is there enough flexibility to have a better option than a mage defending? And, would a fire mage be as capable of defending a node as a frost mage?

I ask because a teammate is pretty reluctant to switch to frost and noone else really plays a mage as much as he does to convince him to. I know this seems like a lot to ask about a seemingly simple subject, but as a guy that has never played a mage, i'd love to know exactly why. Also, knowing exactly why frost is more viable would be great too as a relatively new rbg leader.

Hopefully i came to the right forum to ask about this.
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Posted 23 March 2015 - 11:13 AM

What matters is your overall team strategy: frost and fire specs have different roles

Frost perk is setting up kills with deep freeze / sheep. It's like a support role : you set up opportunities to get kills, and 2x ice nova to seal the deal.

Fire perks are:
- better sustained damage than frost. burst is more RNG but potentially higher (back to back pyro crits > meteor > 2x blazing wave )
- better 1v1 chances (good fire mages can kill more classes than frost mages) so more defensive power (node protection...)
- more AOE damage, especially with an affli lock/spriest in RBG to add dispel protection
- good survival, scorch gives another sprint, and you still have flameglow+sprint+blink+blocks. The new ignite glyph adds another snare.

So the question is pretty simple: need more cc to kill targets in teamfights? go frost. Need more damage/make him guard a node? fire.

YOu should also note that Fire gear and frost gear are not the same. Different offpieces (crit/mastery for fire, haste/vers for frost), different weapon, different helm/ring and eventually trinkets (crit stuff). That's a lot of stuff to change.
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#3 Wayreth

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Posted 23 March 2015 - 02:47 PM

Personally I don't really do RBGs seriously but the main reason you use a frost mage to defend is they can't be ninja capped because of water ele pet in addition to their strong control/defenses to allow time for support to arrive - its not about 1v1. Since fire has no pet, they are worse for defending, not sure why you would think fire is better to guard a node....
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#4 Gelu

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Posted 23 March 2015 - 09:38 PM

Frost has more damage, CC and can defend nodes better due to orbing on the flag. Only map where fire might be better is on kotmogu so you can chase after people / kite with an orb while doing damage.
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