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LF SPriest for HPal Shatter

Shatterplay Shadow Priest

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#1 Rowlsie

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Posted 12 March 2015 - 11:23 AM


Me and the one, true based god Mitchboyswag are looking for a Shadow Priest who can consistently play in afternoons and weekends.
We have decent synergy and have been playing together for the majority of this season.
We are #TeamAustralia and would prefer if you were too in order to allow for easy queue sessions without the hassle of timezone restrictions
We would like to push for 2200+ this season and improve as we play to one day push that dank Glad.
Both of us have improved a lot since the end of s15 and believe we can push quite high ratings if we queue enough.

Been mostly playing for fun + good Shadow Priests are hard to come by.

I am 2200xp last season on multiple toons & 2k exp this season on RDru
Mitch is 1900xp last season on Mage and 1800 - 1900 xp on Mage and Warlock this season

Here is my Pally:

And here is Mitch's Mage:

We would prefer if you were 2k+exp at least but we're open to most offers.

Rowlsie#1890 hmu
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