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magi friends, a question on survivability

i took a lot of adderall and im not studying please help

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#1 jam420

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Posted 13 February 2015 - 10:34 AM

hello magi friend and foe

i apologize in advance if this is a trite topic on these forums as I do not browse this forum because I am not a fellow master of the arcane, fire, or frost arts

why does mage survivability feel better than every class in the game?

i wonder if it's just resto druids being fantastic healers when combined with miniature defensive like blink and nova's and whatnot that create small amounts of space, allowing for hots to tick, while also compounded by the ability to spellsteal enemy healer's buffs. a mage with two rows of hots and no purge on your team is quite difficult to deal with.

however, all of that sounds fine. it's counterplay oriented, it has intelligence behind it.

i do not understand the current iteration of mage oh fucks

why is cold snap only 3 minutes?

i did not play mists or cata, so I apologize if it's been like this for a moment, but wasn't cold snap like ten minutes back in wrath?

why is flameglow on the second tier, and not in the fourth? for those without a talent calculator on hand, the fourth tier is the tier where you have cold snap.

i am not quite sure about the logic behind having cold snap and having a passive, uncounterable baby-wall

when you compare mages defensives with any other dps classes on paper (which I understand, is a dangerous apples and oranges procedure, but useful when handled correctly) no other class has defensive capabilities like a mages.

mages, do you ever actually die in 3s games first? what comps target you and train you? i feel like the only time I even target a mage is on my hunter and feral druid while i'm facing RMD because no other target is targettable, and because stopping the enemy prot paladin's i mean mage's deep->polymorphs is way more critical to a victory than killing something

why have mages turned into tanks with a charge based burst button? I know the latter part of that question is generally frowned upon here, but I think the former is the bigger issue here. how can mage damage be changed when their survivability exists as it is? historically speaking, there is an issue if a feral/hunter player is complaining about mages not dying.

do people who have mained mages for most of their wow career actually enjoy this playstyle? I think about this. I think about how much hunters have changed since wotlk and I get kinda sad, but the magi..? It's like I hardly recognize their playstyle. it's like, damn son, am i attacking my main tank in heroic highmaul, or am I attacking male gnome mage demigod XxX_KIA_ice_nova_ur_mum_1999XxX? it's completely taken a 180 it feels like, from an outsider's perspective, for the dramatically worse.

best regards
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#2 phael

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Posted 13 February 2015 - 04:28 PM

why does mage survivability feel better than every class in the game?

i wonder if it's just resto druids being fantastic healers

Answered your own question right there. If RDruids weren't blatantly and outrageously overpowered, we wouldn't exist on ladders.

And to answer your other question "Is this enjoyable?", no. Fuck no. We have always been the cc machine on the team, but this is just pathetic. Running for you life every game waiting for Ice Nova charges is not enjoyable. Luckily 6.1 fixes our hardcasted damage a little bit, so it'll feel rewarding getting bolts off, but at the moment i's really really fucking boring.
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#3 Mawky

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Posted 13 February 2015 - 04:58 PM

Since Wod there are a lot more small numbers which get reduced buy flameglow a lot (And Flameglow scales with Spellpower quite good):

Combat rogues: Autohits / Killingspree all not high numbers, but many of them
Affliction Wl: Dots, but many of them
Sv: Dots...
All kind of bleedings and so on

so on the one hand flameglow counters all small numbers but on the other hand isn't as good against brust. But since wod the game became "cleaving is believing"...

personally i dont like flameglow, too. Its just no fun because it aint a active skill, id highly prefer something like temp. shield which is good if you use it right but wasted if you dont.
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#4 Azuremars

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Posted 13 February 2015 - 05:41 PM

Plenty of comps target mages. Its the fact they are so slippery that makes them strong
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#5 Numbtoes

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Posted 13 February 2015 - 06:49 PM

I think mawky is right in saying a lot of classes rely on a lot of small hits, making flameglow extra retarded, but against bm/feral or bm/ret, flameglow does very little during their burst. Flameglow paired with druid hots is really strong. We will see if they are as tanky without druid healers. Druids also provide a lot of extra cc to help the mage keep dps off of them.

Mages have traditionally relied on living through keeping control on the dps, so maybe the passive reduction is too much atm, but most comps still rely on the mage polying the dps to avoid taking damage. I know if a tsg both connect on a mage, and have some uptime, the healer, even a druid, would have trouble keeping them up. I think flameglow could use a small nerf to maybe 20% and ice barrier could use a buff.

Someone mentioned increasing the cd of coldsnap. That is a good idea. Mages shouldn't be able to block 3 times in 5 minutes. I think block is up too much atm. A five minute cooldown on coldsnap would be okay. It might even open up other talents in that tier.

Oh, also, I don't think mages are too tanky because of their mobility. Blazing speed however should be replaced by by another nova off the nova dr. Maybe a 4 second root or something. Blazing speed is just too forgiving interms of the mages positioning. Mages should have to be aware of where they are, and blazing speed just kind of allows them to get to a pillar out of LoS whenever they want. Having another nova instead of blazing would just allow them another way to briefly get melee off them. I think melee atm have more uptime on mages than they have had before.

Edited by Numbtoes, 13 February 2015 - 06:53 PM.

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#6 Tsx

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Posted 13 February 2015 - 06:56 PM

1 word.
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