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Viability of Shadowpriests outside of godcomp (RPD issues)

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#1 p_lipa

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Posted 14 January 2015 - 01:47 AM

Hey. I've been trying out rogue/sp/druid for a few games, and i feel like we're really struggling.

My experience with the comp is next to none, and i really need some help with how to play it. I have some understanding of how the comp's supposed to function, and i'm pretty sure i understand my role (priest).

On paper the comp looks alright, hard and fast bursts/swaps with an orb dump in a kidney with clones/PH/silence/blind on the others.

However, most of the games i feel like i (the priest) just get completely shit on by some hard hitting physical comp like jungle/tsg/php and we just get put on the defensive. I am never able to push for a fear, just waddling in chains of ice while taking a shitload of damage, it's not hard for a healer to outrange me.

I really do miss a mages peels/constant control of the opposing team.

I feel like i do next to no damage between the orb dumps, and the "burst" is never really enough. There will always be a trinket, a PS or another defensive cooldown to counter it. It feels like we're struggling to set up a kill while im hovering at 45% hp from the insane damage and uptime of melees/hunters. I mean, one trap delivers so much pressure that i have to just LOS or use a cd and eventually we just lose due to their constant pressure and our cds running out.

Should my rogue just focus on peeling between our moments of offense?

Giving that our mmr is pretty low, we probably face more physical damage cleaves than what you would at higher rating, but i still feel that i'm missing something crucial.

Is this comp even somewhat viable to start with? Is there anything that strikes you as weird or wrong with what i've described? Any tips you would like to share? Tips for all classes point of view are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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