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What spec are you guys running thug as?

hunter spec thug

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#1 Sup3rvilain

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Posted 10 January 2015 - 09:00 PM

What spec are you guys running thug as (Rogue/Rdruid/Hunt)?

I just started running thug and i've been going as survival, it's decent and the 12 second traps are nice but constantly being trained kind of sucks.

I want to run MM or BM but just wanted to see what others have had success with.
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#2 xDamnationx

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Posted 10 January 2015 - 11:18 PM

Our hunter has been juggling specs. BM is pretty hilarious because our rogue can eventually "solo" healers with spam purge. 12 second traps are nice too though, so it's hard to say. Exotic Ammo is extremely nice from Survival being the healer, even though you have Crippling Poison on the team.

MM isn't able to spam purge and doesn't have 12s traps. It brings an insanely high dmg kill shot but I don't think it even comes close to making up for it.

Dillypoo runs Sub + MM + healer, which is pretty ridiculous. I'm not sure how they do it but they are the top thugcleave ATM I believe. I assume he goes MM because it's his favorite and not as mongo as the other 2, but maybe he feels it's better.

EDIT: http://fotm.info/us/3v3

Wow, yeah. They are 19-3 right now as sub/mm
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