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Need Advice on how to kite as an affliction warlock.


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#1 Mei

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Posted 27 December 2014 - 06:49 PM

Hey guys the title is basically what I would like to know, I've played affliction before in wotlk and cataclysm didnt play much in MoP but when I come to it in Warlords I can't get my head around kiting the melee anymore I know we used to have curse of exhaustion and shadowflame back then which helped alot but now I have no slows at all? or am i missing something would appriciate any feed back guys thank you :)
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#2 Jkaplan92

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Posted 27 December 2014 - 07:02 PM

I'm new to lock and i'm really struggling with this too, was about to post about it. When I get opened on by teams like dk/rogue or dk/war I feel like I'm half hp at the end of their first stuns and I don't want to trinket those short duration 3-4s stuns they usually open with but maybe I should? I can stay alive decently well sometimes but I feel like I can't put pressure out when I'm getting trained, like it feels so hard to get full dots + haunts on just the dps let alone all 3 opponents when I'm playing against double melee, the kicks + 2-3 stuns each makes it extremely difficult and I feel like even if I joke a few, something comes off cooldown for one of them anyway.

Another thing is our main defensives are teleport/gateway and I try to call that I'm tping/gating so my healer can LOS but I feel like my healers are out of position at least half of the time anyway so I end up not getting healed after TP maybe its just cause I'm playing with less experienced players since my CR is only 1550, not that I'm much better.

Last thing is it feels like every melee can drop fear so easily. When I can actually get one off on melee without getting cced/kicked it feels like half the time theyre immune (not from dr)

Anyone have any tips?
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#3 Dispenser

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Posted 27 December 2014 - 10:13 PM

@ Mei and Jkaplan92. I believe you're talking about 3s because the other two bracket's don't matter, what you need to understand is Warlocks can not kite alone anymore. They need help, I'm barely over 2k cr currently but here is my 2 cents. For talent's go full Column 1, it gives you the most utility and allows you to be the most tanky.

This sounds mostly like a comp issue. From my experience this season I'd run with a Paladin(ret or holy) because their utility mixed with a Lock almost makes you unkillable and will make the game much easier for you. BoP, Freedom, Aura Mastery, and Sac... I see almost no reason to not play with a Pally. There are many other Viable comps for lock's right now but unless you're experienced getting trained in to the ground I would only run with a melee, don't bother with any spell cleave or a Hunter until you past the mouth breathing cleave fest that is 1900. Have your melee sit on one of their melee, it should free you up a lot and solve the majority of your problems.

I'd recommend playing Ret/Lock/Sham, probably the most brain dead comp to get over 2k right now. Shaman's aren't the greatest but paired with a Ret they're unstoppable because Ret's have all the utility you could ever hope for in any class. Running with these two classes allows you to be CC'd far less than other comps and they both have a lot of "oh shit" button's to save you. Especially with the insane amount of cleave team's right now BoP is really the only counter, and at your MMR I doubt anyone will dispel it.

Best advice I can give is to say Lock's are comp dependent. Try to stick with WLS, WLP, RLD, RetLS, and Shadowcleave.

Priest, Casters, Hunters, and Rdruids (excluding RLD) are not your friends right now. They take more skill to play with, and don't help you with kiting.
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#4 Jkaplan92

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Posted 27 December 2014 - 11:17 PM

Who should be the main target when playing RLD? My team and I used to focus dps and try to cc the healer but recently we've had the rogue start going healer to cc/kick/pressure him while I dot everyone up, and then we either try to kill healer or we switch to dps if the healer is losing too much and falls behind on heals.

Not sure if thats the right way to play the comp though?
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#5 Maleficent

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Posted 29 December 2014 - 12:08 AM

Rogue just tunnels healer and you win. No reason to hop off even if everyone is rotting.
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