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Hunter How2

DK Feral BM vs MM Ret Hunter

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Posted 19 December 2014 - 02:52 AM

I had a boost lying around, used it on a Hunter since I've never leveled one beyond 20 since classic. 2200 arena exp on my war(2203 to be exact) last season but I want to main a hunter this season. I have a few questions/issues on what to do though

*MM vs BM? I seem to have better sustained as MM and better burst as BM, I prefer BM by a long shot though so I'm currently main speccing it.

*Stat priority as BM? Currently going Haste>Mast>Crit>Multi>Vers

*As BM, how do you fight a DK/Ret/Feral? I have ok stats against Ferals but nothing fancy, Rets give me a hard time but DKs absolutely destroy me, far better luck as a MM with pet on passive(so they can't DS pet) but even then I can't beat a good one, idk what to do at all.

*What comps are good with a BM hunter in 2s/3s? Trying to go with hpal/feral/disc/ret in 2s, and Cupid Cleave/Jungle in 3s but idk

*Is Powershot ever worth taking over Glaive Toss?
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