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Macro (try to cast a spell, if impossible, cast another one)

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#1 Imnewtowow


Posted 18 December 2014 - 11:52 PM

So I play a panda monk and my racial is a melee 4 sec sap with 2min cd and as a monk I also have paralysis which is 20 yd range and 15 sec cd.

I was trying to make a macro that tries to cast the racial first, and if the cast doesn't go off (out of range, on cooldown) it casts paralysis instead.

Would that be possible or if not, is there a useful variant of this I could do?
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Posted 19 December 2014 - 05:31 AM

No macro will smartcast abilities like these for you, those days are long gone, and most of the api (such as CastSpellByName) won't function ingame.

The closest thing you could do would be something like this:

/castsequence reset=combat/15 Paralysis, Quaking Palm

This is how it works, if Paralysis is cast (and works), the icon will switch to Quaking Palm, if not neither will fire. If you wait 15 seconds without pressing the macro, the icon will change from Quaking Palm back to Paralysis.

If I were you, however, your best bet would be to make two separate binds--Paralysis to say, 'v' or something like that then use shift v to use Quaking Palm, since they both function as Saps and Quaking Palm has a rather long cooldown. Sorry I couldn't be of more use.
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