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I have no idea what I'm doing

pvp rogue noob advice help

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#1 Aeryon

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Posted 17 December 2014 - 03:48 PM

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew some good resources for learning your class in PvP as I literally suck so much and never know what on earth I am doing in PvP. I consider myself to be a good player with a good amount of intuition. I have played Starcraft 2 to top diamond but for some reason PvP in WoW has always been very confusing to me.

I have read many threads on here and arenajunkies, watched a couple of streams etc so I understand macros, keybinds (I'm not a keyboard-turner), talents, glyphs, openers, etc but the problem for me is how do I learn WHEN I'm supposed to use anything? For example how am I supposed to learn when to drop a smoke bomb if the healer can trinket/defensive CD out of it? When am I supposed to CoS against casters - to escape CC and burst or to save myself from death? Is the only real way to learn through trial and error and learn what works against each individual comp in arena in relation to your own comp specifically?

I know this might be a bit vague but if someone can tell me how exactly they learned to be good at PvP it would be useful as I feel like i'm hitting a brick wall which is a shame as I find PvP extremely fun.

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#2 Rodal

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Posted 02 January 2015 - 01:43 AM


I didn't have time to play WoD yet but since your questions are pretty general I try to enlighten some aspects for you but still the best you can do is queue more/watch high rated streams/work on your mistakes.

You win matches by either: burst / sustained damage ("training") / spread damage.

You use your spells either offensively or defensively. Trinket/vanish/smoke bomb/cos etc.

E.g. rmp/rmd/rps/rpd are burst comps where you won't really score a kill without proper setup and timing. Thugcleave trains a single target into the ground whereas rld/rls is somewhat mixed. You won't be playing total spread damage comps like LSD so don't worry about that.

This defines many of your spells. For example: you are playing rmp and the only time you ever gonna score kill is your well established bursts. There's no way you are killing anything randomly when you are playing with a mage or shadow priest or stuff like that. This also means that you can sacrifice some of your 'defensive' abilities to delivery deadly bursts. CoS clones, vanish for garrote, trinket stuns. All of these ofc will make you a vulnarable target laters if you fail at your burst and don't score a kill. You need to keep that in mind and somehwat play more defensively after your burst didn't succeed.

If your setup is more around sustained damage then you should be more clever using defensive spells offensively. Only do them if you can force some major stuff with those or can score a kill.

Trinket is a prime example. If you instantly trinket a peel and score a kill then you will be 'celebrated'. If you trinket it and nothing happens and then you die in a stun in 30 seconds after then the game is on you.

One more thing to add: you need to have a relatively clear picture about your comp's strats. You as a rogue should lead to offensive play in many situations. Think it over. You need to force cooldowns from the enemy as fast as possible then finish off. Here your best bet is to watch high rated streams of your comp and focus on their general gameplay. Then try the same/simliar stuff with your teammates. There's no "best strategy". Sometimes people use smokebomb on DPS to force trinket so they can finish off later in a 3v1 situation. Sometimes they force the target's trinket with insane CD-s so that they can smokebomb that target later.

And then there's the scenario where you need to drop it on yourself just so you don't get executed by a last spell and your healer can recover in 1-2 secs. You need to have a clear communication with your team that there's no other way you are surviving (e.g. it's better that your healer uses his defensive cd to help you).

Good luck!

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