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Question about the reasoning behind some stat priorities

disc sp stats arena 3s 3v3 pries

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#1 SartWoW

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Posted 14 December 2014 - 10:37 PM

Hey guys,

I'm gonna re-post part of a question I asked in a topic in the glad-section, maybe someone can help me here:

1) I was comparing ret and SP stat priorities and was asking myself why rets choose versatility over mastery, while SPs dont. They're in a similar spot, often being trained by most melee- melee+hunter-cleaves from start to finish, yet SPs with their imo worse survivability than Ret's seem to aim for their best offensive stat (mastery) instead of versatility, while it's vice-versa with Rets. Is that simply because Rets go all "fuck i do enough retard dmg, might as well enchant for defense" or am I missing something?

2) Disc stat priorities. After the double-disc-nerf/fix regarding crit, is it still their go-to-stat? I've seen an equal mix of people going mastery, haste, or even sticking to crit, on the ladder.

Already thanks for your replies.
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the sad part is I don't even fotm

#2 domzae

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Posted 15 December 2014 - 09:32 AM

I think the reason it's viable to go versatility on ret is because you benefit from all 3 aspects of it: ret survivability/utility is a fair bit about healing, so it sort of double dips. A spriest on the other hand won't get as much use out of the stat (because if you're healing much outside of PW:S, you're probably playing the wrong spec). So it becomes more important to just get the maximum damage out rather than delay your death by a few seconds.

Personal opinion about disc stats: (when there is no clear must-stack-stat) Go for enough haste to feel comfortable for YOU (can be 0 haste, if you're sadistic), and the rest doesn't really matter. There's not much point going mastery without any crit and vice-versa. Alternatively you can look at it the other way - multistrike is the least useful stat so just avoid that wherever possible.
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#3 Kelberot

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Posted 15 December 2014 - 10:50 AM

after we're all fully geared I doubt people will skip on versatility. It should be our best stat, unless you're playing something with insane amounts of cc or a comp you're never targeted (I havent played godcomp since s9 so I dont know how it generally is)

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#4 SartWoW

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Posted 15 December 2014 - 11:36 AM

Thanks for the quick replies

@Domzae: I was more about the dmg reduction part than the healing boost, although you have a point regarding the fact that rets can use all 3 parts of versatility better than SPs could. About mixing stats for discs: Doesn't that leave us with some half-assed bit of everything? Like, being able to do everything... just not good enough? (Kinda like Druids in Vanilla? ;D)

@Kelberot: This is how I felt about Versatility too, idk, but all those (annoying-to-farm-) Mastery/Versatility rep parts look insane for SP. Maybe people just wait until they can access high enough numbers for it to shine? And comp-wise it seems like Godcomp is the only really viable SP comp apart from some RPx teams. At least that was how I felt about it and from what I've seen and heard.
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the sad part is I don't even fotm

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