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Why warlock healing makes other heals OP, including healers'

warlock healing op arena pvp

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#1 ProdeGaming

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Posted 22 November 2014 - 04:42 PM

Want to add a bit more explanation why this(http://www.arenajunk...l-r1gladiators/) healing makes every healing, including healers' overpowered.

The OP does not say that it's as easy to survive as a healer as anything else but even if you heal for 100million, you can still die by CC, that is not a healing issue. It's a combination of issues related to the limitation of HP and overpowered Dmg/CC. That is one of the reasons why the OP explicitly says healing and dmg can both be op at the same time.

I suggest every healer look at the numbers, the amount of healing that I am receiving during the matches.(not scoreboard) Anyone claiming he's not capable of that healing as a healer is just not true. The VoDs are not suggesting that Warlock healing can't be individually op, healing being op does not suggest that dmg should not be nerfed. What the VoDs are for is that you can see how much healing I am receiving during fights and what keeps/how does it keep me alive. If you can produce that healing in any way, your healing is overpowered, your healing is more than enough to keep you or others alive, your healing should get nerfed.
I can not emphasize enough that if you still die that is not a healing a issue.

Once you are capable of such heals, the only reason you can die is by not being able to use them(being CC'd) before dying.(HP limitation) If that happens, then Dmg/CC is overpowered, not healing is being weak. If they are op, those have to be changed, not anything else. Buffing healing because of getting killed in CC does not make any sense.(understand it's not being considered to buff healing, but it is because it's been done, it is buffed, it is overpowered)

Even developers elaborated multiple times in multiple interviews how stupid that is(ex. overcome healing by dmg or CC - get oneshot or CC'd until dying) and how it just makes more issues on top of those you already have. I'm saying 'even developers' , not because it's so hard to figure and have to turn to geniuses, but because how bad it should be for them to explain how much better it is to do(changing healing when healing is op and not changing something else) and then not doing so. Because they certainly have not done anything similar that's worth mentioning for months, despite of the issues. Point is, that suggests they'd very much like to do that(and is understandable), but they can't.
Why? Because it changes WoW, not PvP, it changes PvE, everything. There is no Resilience, no Battle Fatigue.(even if there is it's hard to change anything without affecting the whole game) But for the love of God, is that what this is about? Ppl afraid nerfing healing would be so bad for PvE? Most certainly not.

If you die, go figure, why you died. I'm a healer and I/my teammate died so healing is bad is not figuring it out. If you die while CC'd, that might not be CC issue either, it could easily be dmg issue.
Nerfing healing while you're a healer can easily be good for you. It allows dmg to be nerfed while keeping CC as it is(whose effectiveness is heavily relative to dmg) because do not expect CC mechanics to be changed when hardly any numbers being changed for months.

End result is that it is way easier to survive. Only thing you need is to determine how much lower healing needs to be lowered and how much lower dmg should go.

For example, possible way could be that dmg is nerfed -> CC becomes less effective, allows more healing/spells to be used(because you survive stuns/interrupts) -> allows more healing spells/mechanics/fake casts to be used/be more effective -> going to give a better idea about just how overpowered healing really is -> nerf healing accordingly.

There is most likely no other way that is reasonable to expect than Resilience and Battle Fatigue to change those 2 values in PvP, given the balance changes(~nothing) regarding these issues in the past 2 months and that the rated season is 10 days away. Or it could obviously always stay as it is now which is not more than a bad joke.

I understand this is not a self explanatory issue(even if not overly complicated), is not meant to be an insult to anyone.

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#2 Kelarm

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Posted 23 November 2014 - 11:46 AM

I'm not gonna lie, that was a fucking chore to read. I had to go back and re-read several sections just to figure out wtf you just said, then about halfway through I gave up doing that and just skimmed the rest.

That said, you're making this way too complicated. People are complaining healing is overpowered because healing is overpowered, period. Mostly hybrid offhealing and some other self-healing mechanics (like hunters passive healing), but also some actual healing classes are putting out way too much. Damage and CC seem to be in a decent spot, especially considering it's the beginning of an expansion, where you expect lots of stuff to be fucked up. There's less CC overall and health bars go down at a nice rate, more on the slower side compared to most previous expansions. Unfortunately, the state of healing is making it pretty difficult to actually kill anyone, unless you're playing melee cleave.

P.S. your title doesn't really make any sense and seems like it's almost totally unrelated to the content of the post
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