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Ret Pvp support and D

Paladin 3v3 Ret

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#1 Juvx

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Posted 20 November 2014 - 04:36 PM

HI ladies and gents, Im new to ret pali, just hit 100 and would like to learn a little more about pvping as ret. Most notably the Defensive part of it. I'm ok with the pew pew and CC part.

The context of these questions are for 3v3 arena:
  • What do you do when you get trained ability wise?
  • Best way to offheal? (abilities, talents?)
  • Any tips or tricks for staying alive and keeping your team alive?
  • Play style? Is it, Play mostly support until wings and then go ham, then support then ham or just focus on dps the whole time?

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#2 Drake

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Posted 20 November 2014 - 10:56 PM

I'm not 100 yet, but mainly to keep the thread going and to answer your most general question:

Play style? Is it, Play mostly support until wings and then go ham, then support then ham or just focus on dps the whole time?

You never play "mostly support" or "mostly dps". You go with the flow. Pretty much all your support is instant cast so just get macros for every partner and every support spell and just throw it over your shoulder whenever necessary while DPSing all the time. By throwing it over shoulder I literally mean don't even turn around, just press the button and get it over with.

The mistake most players make (and I do it all the damn time when I play my mage) is trying to do "important stuff" first and damage second. Screw that. You're the DPS, you do the damage. Damage equals pressure and pressure equals opportunities. Opportunities allow clever use of "important stuff" to win the game.

Maximize your damage first, and only use your support abilities in clutch moments. Try to never lose pressure. And when you lose it, try to reset. Don't just stand there healing and hoping that by some miracle, the opponents' keyboard will break in half and they lose momentum and allow you to recover.

So, to sum it up.

Go ham and then when an opportunity arises, pop wings and go EVEN MORE HAM!
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#3 Gigana

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Posted 21 November 2014 - 12:22 AM

Some general tips:

Use hand of sacrifice to dispel cc from your healer. Don't waste it on dispelling frost nova from your DK buddy or something.

Hand of protection can also dispel things like blind from both you and your teammates, so keep that in mind.

Teach your teammates to call for freedoms when they need them. You can use freedom to negate the DK frost stun (the one that stacks on everyone around them before stunning them for a few sec) before it goes up.

You must learn your teammates's defensive cooldowns and teach them to call for hand of protection when they need it. If you don't communicate, you'll often end up HoP-ing a dispersed priest or iceblocked mage or w/e, thus wasting your HoP.

Use your freedom wisely. The new glyph of freedom lowers the duration of any cc on freedom target + the next cc cast on them. So if you see you or your teammates (especially healer) are getting chain cc-ed, freedoming them to lower the duration of CC can be a gamechanger.

EDIT: I personally use a bunch of macros to make this easier. I use simple ones, for example:

#showtooltip Hand of Sacrifice
/cast [@yourhealersname] Hand of Sacrifice

Some people use other types of macros, but I'm used to these and find they work for me in 2s and 3s at least.

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