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Arcane Mage Guide (6.0.3)

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Posted 09 November 2014 - 03:43 AM

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This guide is written mainly for players new to playing arcane in arenas / PvP.

I want to thank Ephreaym for all the advices he gave me. If you’re into arcane you guys should definitely check his youtube channel : www.youtube.com/user/Ephreaym

Introduction :

Arcanes mage changes in WoD :
  • Improved Counterspell is gone so now Counterspell no longer silences the target and can only be used as an interrupt.
  • Presence of Mind is now only available for arcane spec and it no longer works with polymorph.
  • Shatter is gone, It’s now for frost spec only.
  • Deep freeze is gone, It’s now for frost spec only and it breaks on damage.
  • Ice Lance is gone, It’s now for frost spec only.
  • Fireblast is gone, Arcane Barrage replaces it.
  • Arcane charges now lasts 15s instead of 10.
  • Mage armor is now passive and you no longer have access to frost armor or molten armor.
  • You can now apply slow on an unlimited number of targets. (But slow only lasts 6-8s so It’ll require a lot of GCD to keep it up on multiple targets).
  • Slow is no longer 40y range, it no longer reduces attack speed, it no longer increases cast time. Now it’s just a basic 50% snare :/
  • Alter time is now a lvl30 talent and can only be used defensively.
  • Arcane Missiles now stack up to 3 times.
  • Mage WoD PvP Arcane 2P Bonus : Successfully Spellstealing a buff generates a use of Arcane Missiles.
  • Mage WoD PvP Arcane 4P Bonus : While Arcane Power is active, you can cast Arcane Blast and Arcane Missiles while moving.
  • Mana gem is gone but it doesn’t matter that much since it’s easy to stay high in mana thanks to the new 2P pvp set bonus.
  • A new ability : Amplify magic is now available for all mage’s specs.
Arcane Leveling Perks :

These perks are obtained in a random order at levels 92, 94, 96 and 98.

Enhanced Arcane Blast : The cast time of Arcane Blast is reduced by 5% per Charge
Improved Evocation : Reduces the cooldown of Evocation by 30 seconds (to 1.5 minutes)
Improved Arcane Power : Arcane Power now reduces the cost of spells by 10% instead of increasing it
Improved Blink : Increases movement speed by 60% for 2s after blinking

Strengths of Arcane :
  • You can spam Spellsteal and get free Arcane Missiles procs with it thanks to the lvl100 2P PvP set bonus.
  • Presence of Mind allows you to land instant Ring of Frost (Remember that It’ll still require 3s for the ring to activate)
  • Strong burst damage
  • The arcane blink perk (2s sprint) is very nice.
Weaknesses of Arcane :
  • Low damage output outside of burst
  • Arcane Power is dispellable :/
  • You can only cast cone of cold or RoF if you are locked on your arcane tree :/
  • You have to rely on your teammates to land CCs (poly, RoF), frost has deep freeze and fire has dragon’s breath to setup poly or RoF on their own.
  • We lost frost nova because we are obliged to spec into supernova since the other two lvl75 talents break CCs .
  • Slow duration is too short (must be refreshed every 7s) and the 50% snare effect can be negated by many abilities such as burst of speed.
PvP Talents

Level 15 : Blazing Speed

Posted Image

Evanesce replaces Ice block, It can’t be cast while CC’ed, It doesn’t remove debuffs, you can still be kicked while you’re under the effect of evanesce and It doesn’t apply to DoTs. Also it works like dispersion which means that spells that are flying towards you and are casted before you applied Evanesce still hit you for 100% of their damage. I could see this talent being viable but only if It no longer replaces Ice block, for now this talent is crap.

Blazing speed is the way to go, It can be used to kite, catch up with your kill target or land CC on the enemy healer.

Ice Floes can be dispelled and since we spend a lot of global on instant casts (keep slow up every 7s, spam spellsteal) casting while moving is not that valuable.

Level 30 : Flameglow

Posted Image

Alter Time cooldown is too long and It can be dispelled.

Ice Barrier doesn’t absorb a big chunk of damage, requires a GCD and It can be dispelled.

Flameglow is passive and cannot be dispelled, this is why I consider it to be the best choice. It can absorb up to 30% of an attack.

Level 45 : Situational

Posted Image

RoF is your go-to talent, it provides both offensive and defensive utility. You can instant RoF with Presence of Mind but remember that in that case RoF will take 3secs to activate.

Ice Ward is amazing against melee comps especially since we lost Frost Nova due to the lvl75 supernova talent. It has 3 charges and lasts 45secs with a 20s cooldown. The Extra roots really help creating gap between you and your melee opponents.

Frostjaw is bad against almost every comps : Holy Paladins can aura mastery, druids can shapeshift out of it. Hybrids can remove this CC on their healer with Hand of Freedom/Windwalk totem. I think this talent needs some rework…

Level 60 : Cold Snap

Posted Image

Cold snap is the go-to talent since Greater Invis is still so bugged.

Level 75: Supernova

Posted Image

Nether tempest and unstable magic break CCs so you have no other choice than to spec into supernova.

Use supernova on cooldown, preferably when you have 5 stacks of incanter’s flow but save 2 charges of supernova for when your arcane power cooldown comes back.

Level 90 : Incanter's flow or Mirror Image

Posted Image

Both talents are viable options, Mirror Image damage was strong in beta as you can see in this video : http://www.twitch.tv...reaym/c/5374275

Mirror Image doesn’t benefit from damage modifiers so use it on cooldown to get the maximum uptime possible. Arcane's Mirror Images build arcane charges with each cast of Arcane Blast.

Incanter’s flow is my go-to talent because It has a great synergy with damage modifiers and supernova, learn to monitor your stacks and use supernova when you have 5 stacks of incanter’s flow.

Level 100 (speculating) : Prismatic Crystal or Arcane Orb

Posted Image

Imho Prismatic Crystal will be the way to go, It provides strong burst especially if you can setup with a stun from your teammate. You also have to get your opponents separated for it to be worth using since the damage is split evenly between everyone within 8 yards.

Arcane Orb is a sustained damage talent, you should use it on cooldown but always use arcane barrage before to benefit from the extra arcane charges generation.

Overpowered talent is crap.


Posted Image

Spellsteal, polymorph and Iceblock is my default glyph set.

Spellsteal glyph is mandatory because you spam this spell a lot.

Poly glyph is mandatory if you play with a dotter.

You have a bit of choice for your third glyph slot :

Glyph of iceblock is still very good overall.

The glyph of blink is nice and the rapid displacement glyph is amazing against specific classes like enhancement shaman.

The glyph of regenerative ice is good against teams with no priests (mass dispell) or warriors (shattering throw).

Minor glyphs are now purely cosmetic. Pick them according to your personal preferences.

Character Optimization

Stats priorities :

According to PvE simcrafts in T17 gear Mastery is the best stat for pure damage however PvE is PvE and for PvP I would recommend to go haste because it reduces our GCD and we have to spend a lot of globals on instant casts (keep slow up 1 GCD every 7secs, spam spellsteal). It also reduces our cast times, without haste everything feels slower.

According to these facts my PvP stats priorities will be :

Intellect > haste > mastery > other stuff

I’ll give more precise pvp stats weights after WoD’s release.

Gearing :

Coming in WoD’s release

Enchants :

Neck : Breath of Haste or Breath of Mastery
Cloak : Breath of Haste or Breath of Mastery
Rings : Breath of Haste or Breath of Mastery
Weapon : Mark of Warsong or Mark of Bleeding Hollow

Professions :

Professions no longer provides passive bonus in WoD so professions are not mandatory for PvP, you can still pick engineering to have fun with some toys in ashran world pvp zone like : Swapblaster, personal hologram, stealthman54, Mecha-Blast Rocket.

Races :

Human or Orc are the best races if you want to max out your damage but other races now provide decent utility so It’s really up to you.


Due to the mana adept mastery, you have to stay >90% mana for max damage, If you drop too low, your damage will decrease.

Standard damage rotation (when you are able to freecast) :
Posted Image

4x Arcane blast > spend your arcane Missiles > arcane barrage. If you respect this optimal rotation you’ll always stay above 90% mana.

"On the move" damage rotation (when you must kite your opponent(s)) :
Posted Image
Keep slow up on target(s) then use your instant casts spells (spellsteal, arcane barrage, arcane orb, supernova or nether tempest).

How to burst :

Posted Image
Wait for your damage buffs (surge of dominance+ 5 stacks of incanter’s flow) > Prismatic crystal if you picked this talent > Arcane power >2x supernova> Arcane barrage.

Having 4 Arcane charges doesn’t matter at all for burst because supernova doesn’t benefit from arcane charges.

Basic tips :

Use Arcane Explosion if you need to refresh the duration of your arcanes charges.
Use Evocation if you drop low mana.

Viable setups (speculating)

2s : Rogue/mage

3s : shatter(a.k.a godcomp)/MLS/RMP always work well. Melee/caster/healer is decent, with the current state of feral FMP might be a thing.

Comps strategies :

Coming in WoD

Armories :


Addons :

Interruptbar2 (highly recommended) :

Gladius (highly recommended) :

Gladiatorlossa (optional) :


Weakauras2 (optional) :

Macros :


Streams & youtube channels :

You can find high rated arcane arenas footage in ephreaym stream and youtube channel :


Abni is considered to be "the arcane god" but he streams very rarely :


Mitchjones sometimes stream as arcane :


Conclusion :

Hope you'll enjoy reading this guide, constructive feedback is appreciated.

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Posted 09 November 2014 - 09:01 PM

nice guide, ty
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Posted 03 May 2015 - 10:07 AM

still top, ty
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