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What the fuck happenned to warlock class ?

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#1 ImSoAesthetic

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Posted Today, 05:30 PM

I only played one month in MoP, and since i just got 7 free days, i tried to play a bit my warlock and i have some questions

Where are those spells, are we gonna get them back at lvl 100 ?

- Fear (now we have some kind of sheep that break on any damage)
- Fel flame
- Curse of Elements
- Curse of Exhaustion
- Curse of Enfeeblement
- Malefic gasp
- Rain AoE
- Twilight Ward

What happenned here ?

- Gate range ?? Useless as fuck now
- Having to choice between howl and coil again ??
- New soul swap design what the actual fuck ??? they rather delete this spell now

they were drunk while designing warlock or what ?
now i only have like 4 binds to use, nice gameplay ...

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#2 brosearch

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Posted Today, 05:51 PM

sadly a lot of very very useful tools are gone. IMO the biggest two spells they cut out are Curse of exhaustion and fel flame. Fearing healers at lvl 100 is near impossible and we literally have no way to kill a totem.

The upside is warlocks have clearly gone back to a casted spells constantly model which is great. I dont even have soul swap on my bars at lvl 100 because shards are always being used for souldburn haunt and haunts.

This is some footage of lvl 100 3v3 game play. Not perfect by any means because I have a hard time breaking habits and getting use to the new things. http://www.twitch.tv...lex/b/579851690

#3 xMalias

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Posted Today, 06:18 PM

I'm cooo wit it

#4 Slance


Posted Today, 06:21 PM

so sorry you dont have fear stun instant fear AND coil anymore and a way to spread dots to a whole team in 2 seconds and the most retarded lock thing: gateway... srsly the things you are whining about shouldnt have been added in the first place and its GOOD they are gone

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