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WOD - What should we play?

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#1 Spotlight

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Posted 10 October 2014 - 11:44 AM

Hey guys. We got a huuuuge problem. We cant decide. Its like we are 7 y/o and the iceman comes... do we want strawberry or chocolate?
WOD comes and the rumours are spread by noobs. We are scared that our loved classes are useless and sh*t.

Now i am a Warrior and Shadow Priest. I also enjoy playin Hunter and Ele.
When i pick my Warrior im scared that the Dmg is too low and the other Meeles like DK/Feral are much more viable PLUS i think its pretty boring since i use my bleed, cs, ms and afk til its up again or use it for whirlwind which deals like 0 dmg.
When i pick my Shadow im scared that i can be tunneled too fast PLUS that it doesnt fit in one of our "viable" comps. I also heard that 2s titles coming back and we all know that Shadows are bad in 2s.
I heard that Ele is dead and Hunters suck. What do you guys think. Whats most viable of those 4 and most likely to receive a Glad Titel in the first Season?

And there are more problems. My "Mage" Friend (3s Partner for live xo no homo) doesnt want to play mage because he think its boring. He wants to reroll to anything. His favorites are Rogue>WWMonk>DK>Warlock/Druid. But he is not sure. He will decide on release date randomly probably.
So there are plenty of comps. I thought that shadow is going to be my class. So Rogue/Shadow/X is possible ... but is this comp really viable in WOD because Shadows are even more squishy and the peels are not as strong as they are now in something like Godcomp.
DK/Shadow/X same thing.
Feral/Shadow/X - is this a thing? I guess like rogue/sp/x.
Shadowplay - i dont know. Tell me please.
Shadow/WWMonk/X same thing.

When i play my Warrior.
Warrior/Rogue or monk/X is crap.
TSG - is it going to be strong again? I guess yes ... but then... warrior is boring and is he really to play dk - lets see.
WLS - still strong?

When i play hunter. (is hunter still good?)
PHDK - guess its nice.
Thugcleave - same
Hunter/Monk - should be pretty decent aswell
Hunter/Warlock - dunno.

So all in all. I would prefer playing Shadow over Warrior over Hunter. But what do you guys think? What should i play - whats most viable? And on the other side whats the most viable Comp out there. I know its beta and everything can change ... but i would love to hear your opinion/prediction.

Thanks for reading and excuse my elementary school english. When you want to laugh read this with my german accent :'D

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#2 Peltor

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Posted 10 October 2014 - 01:59 PM

I have no beta access and no idea what classes are the stronges in the current build.
What I'm going to be doing during prepatch that hits next week is playing what I enjoy the most, which is disc.
Playing something that you enjoy will give you a better learning expeirence with all the new stuff such as DR groups, talents etc.

Just my two cents.

Best of luck
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#3 Evolute

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Posted 11 October 2014 - 02:53 AM

I mean, it's beta, but there is only a month left.

From some testing, Feral, Gladiator (Protection with the Gladiator Stance level 100 talent), Demonology, Assassination, Sub, Shadow, Retribution, Frost and Unholy Death Knights are the 'best' damage dealers, not necessarily in that order.

Then, combine some of those classes with a Restoration Druid, Discipline Priest or Holy Paladin and you're good to go.

Have you tried Gladiator stance on the beta? It's a pretty fun spec, more fun than arms in my opinion.

Shadow isn't as bad if you take COT since mindblast is instant and you generate shadoworbs like mad. It's probably one of the best casters against the melee show in the beta, honestly. I can't imagine DK/Shadow or Sin/Shadow being bad at all. TSG will definitely be strong, as will Kitty, Smokebomb, and the like.

Anything that can kill a DK will work really!

or just run feral/ret and outheal any damage hehe.

For the record, hunters seem pretty poop in comparison to live. Their damage isn't that great. But since they pair well with DKs or Warriors I'm sure they'll be fine.

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