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Need help 3v3: Retribution/Hunter/Healer

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#1 Kadrbo

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 08:36 AM

Hello I've finished leveling this Retribution Paladin like a month ago, I manged to play over a 1000 Arenas with it (so I still have a lot to learn) and I simply love it.
Two weeks ago I started to play a little bit more serious 3v3 and got to easy 2000 in a night with Hunter/Resto. Shaman.
I've changed team and now I'm playing with another Hunter and a Holy Priest. Our goal is to push a bit of rating before season ends and I have some questions if someone experienced with the setup could answer I would greatly appreciate it:

1. Why is a Resto. Shaman a better choice than a Holy Priest?

2. Most of the games I am top on damage, is that ok? Should the Hunter be above me?

3. What are the basics of this setup? I haven't found any information on this :(
(The way we've been playing is: I walk in with a blind, Hunter starts CC-ing the enemy healer after blind is out and our Healer CC-s the enemy DPS we then start bursting at the same time on the other DPS. If he dies it's ok if not we try to squeeze some defensive's from him. After that I continue to DPS but at the same time play more support until I have another set of cool-downs when we burst again either on the same target or on their healer if he has no trinket for my stun)

4. Any tips and tricks?

Thank you!
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Posted 04 September 2014 - 09:21 AM

Shaman just does well against wizards, imo I prefer to play with a priest
Damage depends of the length of the match, CC who gets trained etc

You do well against cleaves, keep your team offensive.
BOP blinds, sac CC, Trap of HOJ should land every trap if not grounded or meta gem reflect (jk)

Should watch out bopping shamans tho, they intend to die easily
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#3 bumbocha


Posted 22 September 2014 - 06:02 AM

1. Rsham is better against some comps. Hpriest is better against others. Thats all there is to it.
2. If the game ends early on its fine for you to be top on damage, but if we're talking about a 4-5min+ game then there might be a problem to your hunters rotation.
3. With phs/php its quite crucial to play with perfection ! Try combining hoj into traps on the healer and then follow it with a scatter/silencing shot and a blind eventually. Versus pretty much 90 % of the comps you'd want to pop cds really early on , lets say immediately after the first hoj>trap just go ham with everything and force as much as you can from the enemy team. Use hand of sacrifice carefully and don't waste it randomly, and try to be fast with it , sometimes that 1-2 seconds delay on dispelling your healer can mean the game. Same goes for paladins aura mastery. hops and cleanses. Your team needs to be really vocal and communication is key ! The hunter needs to call out stuns on the healer whenever hes in a position to trap from it. Roar of sacrifice from the hunter is probably the best defensive mechanic to keep a ret paladin alive vs most comps so use it wisely. Dont be afraid to buble/spirit-link really early on if the situation calls for it, you don't want to be saving cooldowns if the enemy team pops all their offensive abilities. Mostly try to get pressure before the other team has a chance to do so
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