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Coming back for glad?

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#1 Roffellos

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 04:58 AM

Ahoi fellow gladiaturz and PvPers.

I've decided to come back to WoW after umm 3 years break I think (last games I played were first season of cata) aaaaand... I want to get gladiator this season. My friends are already waiting for me to start playing but I'd like to get some info on what has changed, like really short answer you can give to someone who played on high ratings in WotLK lol.

Is it easier to get glad now than it was back then?
Is there any good getting-back-to-game-want-my-glad-again guide out there? I couldn't find anything on AJ, maybe I'm just plain retarded.
I'm playing mainly priest and gonna roll with Ret/Hunter/Priest... is it any good? Not like it changes anything but I just wanna know if maybe, hopefully, I'm rolling fotm.
Do you play holy over disc lately? I saw some posts talking about it and it really confused me.

and lastly what would be fastest way to gear up my toon for it to be able to compete at all?

Thanks for your time everyone! :)

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Best regards :>

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#2 lagniappee

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 08:10 AM

nah definetly not
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#3 Thazable

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 09:10 AM

1. If you would have played the whole time from wotlk till now getting glad would be easier for you, but since the general level of skill increased by a lot since wrath it will be way harder since you're just returning to the game.
2. I don't think there really is a guide for that, best bet would be to watch streams of good players I guess.
3. Ret/Hunter/Priest is "OK", easily glad viable, it is still one of the worse comps in this game and not fotm in any way.
4. Yes, going holy is the way to go currently, disc performs really really poor, sadly.
5. Gearing up is really easy nowadays, the gap between season items is huge tho. The fastest way would be to get a friend helping you out in 2s, it will be pretty stupid and as long as you're missing a lot of items you won't really have any huge impact on the game, so you will need your friend to be able to 1v2 them. Like that being fully geared will take ~150 arena wins, sounds like a lot and feels like it is even more, but it is the easiest way to get geared.
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