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New to WOW and PVP

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#1 Adonikam

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 04:54 PM

Hello all,

Real quick introduction. I played DAOC PVP for almost 10 years and ESO PVP for 4 months. I've played WOW off and on since release, but DAOC had always taken priority over it. I want to get into WOW PVP when WOD is released and regularly compete in arenas, RBGs, and even random BGs.

I have a 90 Druid (main on Emerald Dream), 90 Mage (Blizzard gave me a free 80 in Cata or MOP I believe?), and now a boosted 90 Warrior from WOD. I recently started PVPing with my druid as a healer in battlegrounds and arenas (2s) trying to get some gear. I don't mind healing, but I only picked healing right because I figured it would be easier to jump into PVP with crafted 476 gear.

So, my question is.. WOD coming out what classes/roles do you feel will be the easiest for someone to pick up PVP? I feel a bit overwhelmed when PVPing because it feels like every class has every ability in the game. I also read that in WOD your gear will switch depending on your role? Would this allow me to switch from resto to feral later if I wanted without regearing?

Thanks for your help.
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#2 mazu

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 09:49 PM

every class is relatively easy to play, pick what you feel comfy with and find the most fun to play and then start working on getting better as it
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