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1900 hunter+holypriest 2v2, low damage, need halp

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#1 jagarock

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Posted 17 August 2014 - 07:43 PM

I recorded some 1850-1900 2v2 with hunter and priest.
http:// www.twitch.tv/jagarock/c/4923635

Basically I feel we are doing OK with cc (even if alot can be improved), but I feel like my damage is pretty terrible.If you go see the above recording with us vs warrior+priest (second game from around 3:30) you can see the warrior outdamages me by a ton. We still win thanks to our cc chains, but I'm just frustrated about my dps. The DK at around 18:00 does TWICE MY DAMAGE.

I'm looking for some pointers for what I might be doing wrong here! Please share everything you see I'm doing wrong.

I also have some spesific questions:
1. Tranqshot, when to use? I know hand of sacrifice, hand of protection, alter time. But is there other times i should use it? Spam it in start of game to remove buffs?

2. Widow venom. Do you keep it up at all times? It's really a hassle. Or try to use it only when healer is not cced? Never use against double dps?

3. Good tips for landing scatter traps vs warriors?

4. Do you cc on cooldown, or do you wait until spesific times, like "pool 100 focus, THEN cc" or "wait until target is 70% THEN cc".

I appreciate all the input I can get, feels terrible to play such a good class and doing only average.
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#2 Call Me Teranaye

Call Me Teranaye
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Posted 18 August 2014 - 01:24 AM

1- you can usually use tranqshot to dispel buffs / hots when you feel that you're really not going to do anything damage wise benefitial (target topped up with healer not being in cc for sometime),also there're some buffs like divine favor(hpala),fearward(hpriest) and ns(druid / shaman).can be used for defensive play too if you can't los damage like dispeling ele's lava burst procs etc.
2-its usually best to keep it up when there's any healing being done to the target,especially against a rdruid who has hots or when healer is out of cc because thats the main time he will be getting heals.
3-you shouldn't really force yourself to scatter trap with all the stuff you get now,always try to get your trap out of wyvern.if not you can scatter root healer then aim the traps so it won't be eaten as easily.
4-there's no really specific time because it varies about what comp your playing really.check hunter streams
you also need to go fervor / crows

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#3 Dills

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Posted 18 August 2014 - 01:48 AM

Hey dude, I've played this comp a fuckton in 2s this season so I think I can help out. I've played it to 2550~ on US ladders so I think I can help you out with almost every question you have. To start I'll answer your specific questions.

1. Tranqshot, when to use? I know hand of sacrifice, hand of protection, alter time. But is there other times i should use it? Spam it in start of game to remove buffs

You'll want to spam tranq shot vs rdruid teams mainly. When you fight resto druid comps as Priest Hunter you want to just continuously purge the dps and the druid when you have no cc out. You do this because by constantly taking off hots, and most importantly rejuvs/regrowths the druid cannot cast a swiftmend. If he cannot cast a swiftmend, he cannot get soul of the forest. If he cannot get soul of the forest, they can not get offensive pressure on you with fast casted clones, and his healing output also goes out the window. You basically just want to buy time, and make the game last until dampening. The further in dampening you get, the worse it is for the druid.

Just remember for you and your priest to continuously purge until you have cc out with no hots on the dps, and then at that point you can damage. Make sure there are almost no gaps in the cc chain on the druid, and make sure you use all of your ccs in these chains. Fears, full traps, scatter silences wyverns etc. A good chain vs a druid team is going to be a scatter trap (using scatter root trap mostly if they're stacked up which ensures they can't eat the trap since the druid is in palce), a chastise/scatter into fear and then wyvern trapping off followed by silence>dr scatter/chastise. If they stop the chastise/scatter>fear then just wyvern and try to let him get one off. It is crucial that you get a fear off and do whatever you can to assist your priest getting this fear as druids are generally extremely slippery and can avoid fears very easily.

2. Widow venom. Do you keep it up at all times? It's really a hassle. Or try to use it only when healer is not cced? Never use against double dps?

Yes I keep widow venom up pretty much all the time. Yeah it can be a hastle but once you get a hold of your rotation using it it's not a problem. I use it vs everything because everything has some form of self healing. Just always remember to keep it up as a hunter if you don't have anyone with the Mortal Strike debuff on your team.

3. Good tips for landing scatter traps vs warriors?

Okay vs warriors you basically just want to trap off of things that keep the target in place. Either scatter the healer and disengage with narrow escape spec to root the healer in scatter, and then aiming your trap directly on the healers feet making it impossible to eat, or doing the same with a chastize trap (you guys need to coordinate this on skype since you need to pretty much shoot the trap the second he chastises), or you can just half trap off of wyvern sting. Other things you can do to trap vs warriors is trapping off fear while the healer is slowed with concussive shot (example here: http://www.twitch.tv...poo69/c/4021200 P.S. this takes a lot of practice. It's not something hard to do, it just requires practice for you to understand how they will path so that you will get them trapped off the fear.) which is useful in the scenario that the warrior will most likely not try to intervene it because he won't expect it and they might be feared too far away. Other than that you can also just narrow escape root them while they get feared so they stand in place allowing you to trap off that as well. Just try to remember, the best way to land traps against warriors is traps that are done off something keeping the target in place and preventing their movement.

4. Do you cc on cooldown, or do you wait until spesific times, like "pool 100 focus, THEN cc" or "wait until target is 70% THEN cc".

It's somewhat a mix of this. The best time to start cc is when you have a lot of damage coming out and after you've dealt some of it you beging hard cc. I.e doing my burst rotation and then at like ~80% throw silencing shot on the healer, and then after throwing a scatter/wyvern or whatever and continuing cc following that generating more pressure.

Anyways onto how to do damage. On my streams FAQ I actually get asked that question a lot so I can just copy and paste this for you.

Burst: Crows>serpent sting>fervor>rapid fire>arcane Shot>Chim Shot>Arcane spam. Once you're out of focus during your rapid fire from initial arcane shot spam, you can just double steady shot and you'll be back to full, and then you'll want to arcane shot till Chim Shot is up again. Basically you just mix that in with the standard rotation below.

Standard Rotation: Arcane shot before chim shot and instant aimed, chim shot off cd, keep serpent sting applied if you are tunneling, glaive toss when it's up and it wont break cc, steady shot when low on focus, and steady shot in pairs, arcane shot when excess focus and no chim shot available

Anyways I hope this helped you out! Let me know if you have any more questions! If you want to watch the comp played, I do frequently stream Hunter Hpriest 2s on my stream, twitch.tv/dillypoo69.

Good luck, have fun :)
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the only hunter i approve of is dillypoo. the remainder of hunters' existence offends me to my core. when i wake up, i am troubled that in some parts of the world, there are other humans who still partake in slavery, sex trafficking, and hunter playing on world of warcraft

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did you ever get round to taking it? It's actually the best free site i've found :)

Gonna take that as you flopped hard and couldn't get near my score with repeated tries :)

#4 akatyrone

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Posted 18 August 2014 - 05:18 AM

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#5 Xolong

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Posted 24 August 2014 - 04:19 PM

Is it really a big deal to use Crows & Fervor if your playing Hunter / Heal in 2s?

How do you time Fervor? I never used it before but i feel like i will be focus-starved alot without ToTH....
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#6 Vinador

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Posted 09 October 2014 - 10:58 AM

I feel like Fervor is simply a better talent, it encourages better play and opposite to what you feel, it leaves you less focus starved than ToTH.

Think about it, say your Chim shot has just come off CD, but you've just pumped to 0 focus spamming arcanes. This means you can't burst, if you have Fervor you have a fallback plan essentially, it allows you to pump out damage to 0 focus and then when that moment comes that you're thinking, 'crap, shouldn't have done that' Fervor lets you ctrl-z and get that Chimera or those Tranq shots out.
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#7 Esiwdeer

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Posted 10 October 2014 - 04:12 AM

for the love of god stop playing hunter/healer 2s

it can only harm your friendships
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