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MW LF 2.2k+ Alliance - US team to join.

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#1 Tapion

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Posted 06 July 2014 - 04:53 PM

Class: Monk
Spec: Mistweaver ilvl550
Current Rating: Bouncing between 1909-2038
Btag: Rezo#1532
Note: I'm not ok with cheating of any kind.
Perks: I come with a 512slot TS3 server running on my business server (not at home) can make the host address any domain you want (well assuming domain is available). If your group insists on using skype I can provide you with a dedicated proxy on a 1gb port for the leader to use for ddos protection.
Available Hours:
6pm - 10pm EST Sun
6pm - 1am EST Mon
9am - 1am EST Tue
9am - 10pm EST Wed
6pm - 10pm EST Thu
6pm - 1am EST Fri
9am - 10pm EST Sat


This week alone i've played 90 RBGs and i've gone no where but down. Even if I find a good group its rare for them to do even 3 games without people having to leave. This is my first season back in the game and my first season ever as a healer but theres no way this should be my cap.

I'm looking for a reliable group with a good leader that can see the bigger picture. To give an example let me share a few of the comments from leaders that cant see the bigger picture in the last 24 hours:

1. "Healers need to pick it theres no reason our warrior should be dying that fast" - Warrior charged ahead of group into 8 people (and yes we had a dk), did not use healthstone.''

2. "You need to pick up on dispels look at the other mistweavers dispels" - Other mistweaver had around 35 more dispels than me, watched mistweaver dispel frost nova off himself while i sat in poly. Other MW just casting dispel soon as it goes off CD with no kind of priority.

3. "Why was that 1800 team so hard to beat?" - This was in silvershard mines, every dispel done on my team was mine aside from 9 and that was the shadow priest, other 2 healers 0 dispels. Highest CC count was an affliction lock with 30...yes i repeat in silvershard mines.
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#2 drzy

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 03:46 AM

Note: I'm not ok with cheating of any kind.

best of luck to you sir
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