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Few more Rdruid questions, help the rookie!

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#1 Fenski

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Posted 10 June 2014 - 07:42 AM

Yo! Few questions on Rdruid gameplay, new to the current arena.
All questions are for both 2vs2 and 3vs3

1. Im scared of Rogues. How do i properly prepare for rogue openers especially when they got a Boomer/Mage coming from stealth too. Wich targets hot up/Positioning and what are my best first moves after the opening to get the upper hand.

2. Aggressive or Passive. As a rdruid is it better being aggressive with cyclones/damage or be the chicken behind the pillar hotting sht up and delay it, max go for a few cycs?

3. Tier 1 partners for 2vs2 (easy climb) who are they? Tier 1 teamcomps for 3vs3 who am i searching for 3s?

4. Incarnation bad? i feel like especially in 3vs3 i need the talent to keep spread-damages team mates alive. Im probably doing something wrong with my healing but i heard SOF is best for any comp.

5. Thank you for answers.

EDIT: Bonus 6. Is Might Of Ursoc a good move without hotw? Is it a panic button or is peeling more important
EDIT: Bonus 7. Time to nuke HOTW on. Do i go Wrathspam or Mangle/rake spam with a finish maim or ?

ps. if someone here has no life and wants to help a 1700ish CR rdruid to climb 2k and beyond feel free to add Fenskisc2 on skype for games @Twisting Nether Horde.
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#2 ottishen

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Posted 10 June 2014 - 08:39 AM

1. In 3s, I usually start by putting up a shroom, rejuv on all 3 then go stealth. My reasoning is that it is better for us if they don't land the sap even though it means no hots being up. If neccessary, you can blow the shroom in the opener if the burst is too strong. As soon as you can, I'd suggest going for a clone. If you manage to land a clone, it is pretty much a guaranteed trinket from the other team, which might win you the game later.

2. It depends on the situation, how much pressure your team has and so on. In general though, stay a bit back and clone the dps your team is not on and go for agressive clones on their healer when the chances of you being CCed in the process is low (enemy team being unable to land CC on you for whatever reason). As a rule of thumb, don't try and start your CC chain on the enemy healer with a clone, it is a lot safer to use clone as a followup CC.

3. I'm not playing 2s so I am not sure, but I'd imagine that warrr, monk or mage is your best bet? As for 3s, LSD, Godcomp (mage/sp), Thundercleave (ele/warr) and RMD are your best bets.

4. SotF is miles ahead of Incarnation. SotF means that you have a pretty much guaranteed clone every 10 seconds is just so much better than a 3 min cd. It can be used to relieve pressure by cloning a dps (see question 1 about mage/rogue openers), landing a clone on an enemy healer even though he just pops his head out for a sec, or even to apply a strong hot/fast regrowth if your team is in trouble.

I'm definately not the best resto druid around, but I hope I could help you anyways!

Edited by ottishen, 10 June 2014 - 08:42 AM.

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#3 Anboniwow

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 05:42 PM

I'm also going to add, don't be afraid to use iron bark really early (maybe first global) when a rogue/mage opens, cause I've seen quite a few druids who decide to save it for some reason.
Also I use my NS to clone a dps in the start if they rely on openers quite often.

I personally prefer pre-hotting the target I belive they will go for and rarely stealth.

About 2v2, it realyl depends what your rating/experience is.
I think that if you and your partner are ~2k or lower, get a warrior/dk/monk; if you are higher, mage is probably the best.
OR you could spec balance and find yourself an affliction lock! the comp is really strong and fun :D
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#4 Wayreth

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 08:02 PM

6) Unless I'm missing something Ursoc has nothing to do with HOTW so it doesn't matter if you use it with or without HOTW. It is off the GCD and usable while silenced, so its usually used as an oh shit button when low health.

7) Situational i would say. Wrath spam with moonfire is usually safest because it can be done at range with less risk of bad positioning. If you are using mangle/rake, I would use your 5pt combos on fero bite as opposed to maim unless you need the stun. From a pure dmg standpoint, I think the best dmg is to throw on a SOTF'd moonfire and then catform. Lots of things change this - if your target uses AMS/diving prot or other magic-based dmg reduction, obviously catform is better. Physical reductions or cd's that prevent melee like DBTS, evasion, monk sparring, etc you'd want to use wrath/mf.
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