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MLD the struggle is real! Advice please! Thank you =)

mage LOCK druid resto affliction frost wizard

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#1 chavyhyjal

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 03:34 PM

Okay so last night, I was doing 3s with A frost Mage and an Affliction Lock.

This was our first time ever playing together and basically my first true set of 3v3 games since s3/s4.

A few things I would like any helpful tips, links or suggestions about (all three perspectives of the comp are welcome)

So basically In most cases when we were able to (Druid perspective) Get to a pillar and throw a few hots up on whomever we believe will be there kill target, so that way I can get a jump on things, we seemed to survive the what seems like people blowing every single cool down burst in the 14-1500's rating teams we played.

Teams we seriously struggled with were those that are heavy melee, either they would eat up The mage Or slowly eat up myself (preface this by saying mage is around 535 IL currently)

We seemed to do relatively well against ranged heavy teams where we can LoS too avoid a lot of their damage.

If I had to pick a few classes that gave us the most trouble it was in this order : Feral, Unholdy Dk, Warrior , Ret Pally

Also I would like to know Of any suggestions as far as healing and keeping everyone up during the apposing bursts, is that just heavily reliant on us locking down one of their dps via cc? Should I be able to keep everyone up if we are struggling to get a cc off on a dps, or should that be number one priority initially to counter the opposing teams initial burst?

All suggestions are extremely appreciated thanks for stopping by my post open to all constructive criticism and advice please and thank you!
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#2 Shaderz

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 05:22 PM

Mage openers are sick. I'm assuming the lock is affliction. Dark soul dots hurt. A Mage opener with dark soul and haunt on the kill target (with Polly/fear) on targets will force CD's without a doubt. I personally don't enjoy playing with a Mage simply because they're so squishy. Lucky for you, hots are there for when The Druid is CC'd.
You can place the shrooms either around pillars for when ranged go ham, or in the middle of the field for their opener. I've personally never played the comp but I've faced it.
Abusing CC is what I hate the most about facing the comp. we'd focus the Mage and the lock was free to cast most of the game. Even those 1/4 DR'd fears are still annoying. Also keeping track of DR and knowing exactly when to reapply fear for full duration or knowing when they've used fear totem/trinket to get out and how long the next duration will be.
As a Hpriest, my biggest fear is a full CC with no outs and Mage/ lock going balls deep. Lucky I play beast cleave so fears aren't as much an issue. Dark soul dots and haunt do enough damage as is. Add a Mage into the picture and without defensive CD's it's a game ender.
Save your blink wen facing melee comps, try to cheetah with a small frost nova from the Mage or a roots so when they blow cc's you can blink to a pillar and heal up. (Blink as in resto Druid blink, forget the spell name). Save especially for reckstorm.
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#3 chavyhyjal

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 05:41 PM

Thanks for the advice! Yeah I definitely need to work on taking advantage of frost nova and cheetah that's an awesome tip thank you!

I've mainly just struggled with surviving through other teams initial insane burst. Idk if it's because of us being aroudn 1500 but it seems like iwth in 10 seconds of hte match starting the other team has used every single offensive burst cooldown they can and if we survive through that generally we are winning. I'm sitting at item level 543 and my mage/lock are about 535. So that initial burst is really rough on the mage.
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#4 Pawzz

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 08:30 PM

Im playing my mage atm at ilvl 537, its really rough, have your mage use alter time smartly, communicate with him, when he needs to block and when he doesnt, have your warlock get fears out and use shadowfury.
Setup a kill on the dps when the healer doesnt have a trinket left.

Also a cyclone (I mean when there is nothing to interrupt you, no spell reflect and there is no trinket up) is often better than a heal in terms of keeping your mage alive.

Try to get pressure up early, ring them all out of stealth, get dark soul dots on everyone and ice lance the hell out of everything. Make them have to go defensive, in case of mages, offence is the best defence.

It gets earier to get pressure up when your gear closes in on 550.
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#5 Naturaltalent

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 04:03 AM

The way you need to play the comp (esp with such low ilvl) has got to be slow with dampening unless you can get good CC chains (which will come with time and synergy). Dampening is an aff locks best friend. As a resto druid your hots should be on the mage mostly because locks have more defensive CDs. ALWAYS keep down a shroom and abuse it ALL the time. Going back to CC you should be able to cross CC the entire game. And seeing as the locks damage is in DOTs and the mages is ice lance then theres not much of a reason that they cant get CC out or peel back and LOS when needed.
The classes your having the most trouble with arent even good in higher brackets because melee is sooo susceptible to cc. Root, hibernate, cyclone something during CDs and your golden.
Healing wise dont EVER use wild growth unless your 100% sure you parts can peel for you to drink a lot because its mana heavy.
the best burst heal aside from NS+HT is swiftment(SoTf) > rej > genesis
and like i said above your priority during burst should be able to CC the opponents CDs so they are ineffective. if something happens then your partners should be able to peel or pop a minor CD.
Remember soul of the forest clones are so good.
Im guessing your also running disorienting roar over bash (since it drs with deep) so make sure you abuse it as well along with racial stomp or shadowmeld to avoid CC.
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#6 Oversap

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 08:31 AM

Since you havent played since s3/s4, you need to know that damage is extremely bursty, and has been for some time now.

Again, your low item levels really shouldnt matter in the 1500's, you can expect to see the same balls to the wall tunnel vision approach from those teams up into the 2000 range. They'll pick a target, and yes, they will blow major cd's and go on O very fast. Good thing is, you have great D. Remember to use your kitty-blink, and you should also have Iceblock via Symbi.

Wizard cleaves are doing really well right now HOWEVER, thats due to the gear scaling this season vs last. However, even with your team's insufficient gear, lets be honest here you have Fear, Poly, and Cyclone.

You should be getting trinkets and D cd's easily. Pay closest attention to sham teams, they are almost always anti-fear setups, on those matches your mage has to be more on point with his poly's and you as well with your cyclones.

Defensively, setup a shroom on the locks destination gate (hopefully placed by a pillar) or alternately on his portal. This way when he gets in trouble you can throw him a hot as he ports, then pop shroom as he instantly tucks behind LOS and possibly Healthstone. Often times you can get out of big damage this way, with a minimal use of mana... and the lock doesnt have to blow a major D CD to survive.

Played properly you guys should definately have 1 player almost always CC chained, if not TWO.

Perhaps find a better mage or lock? But you guys definately need to work on your syn. You shouldnt be losing peroid until you hit 2k+. Make sure that your partners understand the DR cats, and that they have timers.

Alternately watch high rated resto druids stream. This will help you alot.
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