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Thug problems

thug cleave rogue priest hunter 3v3

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#1 fadeyo


Posted 03 June 2014 - 12:45 PM

Sup guys, Ive been playing thug with a hpriest with 2 mates at 2.1-2.2mmr but can seem to consistently win vs KFC(rsham), LSD, MLP and godcomp. I can't see what we're doing majorly wrong and am beginning to get frustrated as we dont gain anny rating.

Here is a vod of some games i streamed the other night, if you wouldnt mind taking a look to see if there is anything obvious that we are missing or maybe give some tips/pointers they would be much appreciated.

The VOD: www twitch tv/fadebawz/b/534844932

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#2 Flavours

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 02:47 PM

1. No commincation, and an awful opener, you have no idea who is the target, you fear and trap the shaman, your fear is on 1 person. + wyvern is wasted.

2. Hex doesn't get silenced.

3. You don't even peel ascendance/demon soul

4. You blame comp, when you're a rogue team losing to LSD. You can easily win, the ele trinkets the first cc, and the lock trinkets randomly.

5. Your name is arthaskiller

6. game 3 you sap nothing?

7. Warrior trinkets wyvern sting, vs. thug and you do nothing about it until it's far to late, shoulda insta blinded shaman and bomb blades warrior, force a trinket from shaman or kill

8. Shaman casts in your face, you don't focus kick it

9. you disarm hunter vs. kfc

the idea you watched that and couldn't see what you did wrong is worrying

but the best way to gain rating it to not care about it, play and it will just come as you improve
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#3 Call Me Teranaye

Call Me Teranaye
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Posted 03 June 2014 - 03:57 PM

most remarkable thing you can do is ask your hunter to go survival and probably faceroll 2.5+(win in every opener).
edit; oh nvm he went survival and it didn't matter.

Edited by Call Me Teranaye, 03 June 2014 - 03:58 PM.

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#4 Skiplegday

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 09:30 PM

^ So for Survival Thug does the Rogue go Burst of Speed of Shadowstep? Prey on The Weak or Para Poison? Does the comp ride one target more often or is it swap heavy like RMX?
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