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Advice starting on 3v3

3v3 comp noob

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 11:32 AM


First of all, thanks beforehand.Recently a pair of friends and me decided to start playing 3v3. We do all have zero experience in threes, but we all played plenty of 2v2.

So, basically we're searching a bit of advice on which comp to run. I would really appreciate if, on top of some advice in that matter, I could receive some brief explanation on the playstyle of the comps.

We just want to note one thing, that is; we don't enjoy playing static classes. We like to have characters with mobility and not too simple to use. For example, I hate paladins, specially holy.

Getting on to the "facts". We do all plan to use the L90 boost that comes with the WoD purchase, so we can roll virtually any class. But still, we all do have some characters.

Friend#1 has [email protected] and he's leveling both a Boomkin and a Hunter. Has experience as Rogue.
Friend#2 has a [email protected], but has not yet made pvp with him, and has experience as rDruid and Warrior.
I have a Warrior and Paladin (which I hate) @90, and leveling Monk and Mage. I have experience as fMage, rShaman, Rogue and Warlock (which I don't like).

So, all in all, knowing which characters we already know, and more or less how we like or know to play, I'd like to grab some advice on which comps would be nice to run, and how to run them.

Thanks a lot one more time.

EDIT: We would prefer to make a fresh start, so we'd like to avoid those characters we already have @90. Anyway, we still have them in case we need them.

EDIT2: We are thinking on going with Dance with the Stars, but I'm not sure whether to go with priest or monk heal.
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