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RLS - Can't land a kill


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#1 Yakamochi

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Posted 28 May 2014 - 07:38 AM

Hey everyone,

i got some general questions about the gameplay of RLS.

1. What is the main strategy of this comp? I read switch a lot between dps and heal - that can't be it ?!
2. I noticed a huge diffrence between the damage done by my Lock and my Rogue. The Lock always has about 2 - 4 times the damage of my Rogue. Im don't know enough about Rogues to judge this so i like to know if this diffrence is normal?

As a result of the q1+2 we are having troubles to land a kill.

Thanks for any advice
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#2 Ashleyirl

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Posted 28 May 2014 - 09:10 AM

having played a bit of rls this season it for sure is viable against a lot of stuff, it struggles a lot against cleaves doe, like tsg etc

1) as for the main strat - you kinda want to have constant pressure so you can switch freely between targets, for example when your lock pops demon soul you wanna get as much pressure out as you can, so lets say against a godcomp you can force disperse then block, purely because the demon soul dots with tricks is super strong. Its a really good comp to kill shamans and mages especially. If you want to switch on other healers, just try to get your lock to fear one of the dps and the shaman to hex the other so you get a 3v1 - this could be one of the reasons you can't score a kill: as the other two players are not cced enough so you can get easily peeled:/
Also, rls is great at killing stuff without trinkets, suprisingly like warriors, so if you just spam cc someone till they trinket or force enough pressure that one of the dps has to trinket defensively to peel, then you can just swap in bomb for the 100% kill

2) yea thats completely normal, since locks spread dots everywhere on pets and players they of course do a lot of damage - rogue doesn't have this consistent damage and the damage output in dance/blades is really high, but thats the only main time rogues do damage, hence they do not do nearly as much as locks;/

hope this helped!

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